Hollywood Producer Heather Rae Accused of Faking Cherokee Heritage

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In the recent “Pretendian” scandal among left-wing elites, a prominent Hollywood producer has been called a phony, with activists claiming she has been faking her Cherokee heritage for years. new york post report.

Heather Rae, who produced the Oscar-nominated film frozen river, has long advertised as a Native American within Hollywood’s elite circles. She is currently affiliated with the Alliance of Native Americans at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and previously headed the Sundance Institute’s Native Americans program.

She professed that her mother was Indian and her father was a cowboy. variety one time explained She has “half Cherokee roots.”

However, a group called the Tribal Alliance Against Frauds called Rae’s claims “false,” with one study claiming she was at most 1 in 2048 Cherokee.

Tribal Alliance Against Frauds Director Lianna Costantino said: post: “Being an American Indian is not just who you are, but who claims you.

“And it’s more than just a race. We are citizens of a sovereign nation. Being Indian is a legal and political distinction.”

The blog FakeIndians recently published a lengthy article. study On Ray’s claim to Native American blood, he discovers that Ray has no ancestry recognized by the three Cherokees. Additionally, the study includes a 1969 divorce certificate showing that both Ray’s parents, Vernon and Barbara Bybee, were listed as white.

The study concluded that Ray is, at best, 1 in 2048 Cherokee.

Ray reportedly played a key role in persuading the Academy to publicly apologize to Sashen Littlefeather, an activist infamous for rejecting Marlon Brando’s Oscars. . godfather 1973.

For decades, Littlefeather, who died last year, claimed to be an Apache. However, as Breitbart News reported, her biological sister recently accused her of lying, saying she didn’t know her Native American ancestry. , said his father was Mexican and his mother white.

Ray didn’t reply of the post Request for comments. Her Wikipedia page no longer describes her as being half-Cherokee or indigenous. directorHe has been active as a producer since the 1990s, and has his first major credit in the 1994 TBS miniseries. native americanMany of her projects focus on Native American culture. water flowing together (2007), frozen river (2008), Apache 8 (2011), Young Lakota (2012), wind walker (2015), and Once Upon A River (2019).

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