Horowitz: Trump promises to defund schools with vax mandates, even though he gave extra funding to keep schools shut down

Between Praise Charlie Christ, Donald Trump sounds like an energetic presidential candidate who has made some very bold promises. The thing is, believe it or not, he was actually president during the most important policy in American history. Not only did he panic at the defining moment of COVID fascism, but he emphatically continued his policies months after the truth was revealed to be self-evident, and some of those policies were To this day I support him. In others he seems rather confused and disoriented. Before blindly reappointing him, I would like to at least ask a few questions to help him understand his policies and personnel affairs. Shouldn’t he be confident that will not lead him astray again?

At his Waco rally on Saturday, Trump has declared, “I won’t give a single penny to schools that have vaccine or mask requirements.”Few K-12 schools are now mandated, even though many colleges do, and the bigger issue is the actual safety of those shots. I believe His beloved vaccine saved 100 million simply because it “had no side effects at all.” But let’s take a look at when school issues really mattered: when he was president.

We just celebrated the 3rd anniversary of the worst legislation in American history. When Trump signed his $2 trillion lockdown bill into law, the bill took on lockdowns, Pfizer experiments, Remdesivir, the masking regime, creating a crisis in his supply chain and inflation. Deal indefinitely. He lashed out at Rep. Thomas Massey for trying to force roll call votes on all of his descendants so that there would be a record of who voted for the most influential legislation of all time. However, this can lead to initial panic. The problem, though, is that months later, he refused to fight the same Fauci and Burks policy, including funding the school.

Fast forward to December, a few months after we all realized this was a scam and how immoral closing schools was. In the summer of 2020, Trump promised to block funding for schools closing in-person instruction.Still, hidden in the omnibus bill was addition $82 billion to fund schools without the prerequisite that the schools open directly. In fact, the cost of Zooming justified some of the funding. The 5,593-page bill, the longest in American history, continued to fund all aspects of COVID fascism even more. include $54 billion for K-12 public schools, $23 billion for higher education, and $4 billion for the governor’s private blockade slush fund called the Emergency Education Relief Fund. It also included $10 billion for childcare to encourage rather than discourage school closures.

The bill was particularly disgusting in many ways. After passing Congress Signed by Trump on December 27, 2020, with unanimous support from the Democratic Party. I had started warning him about the consequences of this bill in July of that year. That gave GAVI his $4 billion immeasurably. GAVI, the international vaccine organization funded by Gates, is responsible for countless injuries and deaths. The giant also provided more than $22 billion to help states continue to fund testing, tracking, and COVID mitigation programs.

playing cards called the bill “disgraceful” Like all the omnibuses he signed at the time, his problem was largely down to non-coronavirus spending and the fact that he wanted a bigger “stimulus” check for the public, and that the bill would end up as a lockdown. Biomedical security status. The $2.3 trillion bill was the culmination of all his four years of spending and funded an awake and weaponized government more than anything during the Obama era. Trump was clearly in a weak spot as a lame duck for Democratic senators, but it was the culmination of his failure to advocate a different direction throughout the year leading up to the election.

And just one day before leaving, Trump gave the presidential commendation Thanks to Birx and Fauci for their terrible work, General Mark Milley destroyed our military to this day (he was so radical that Biden kept him as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff). .That same week, the Tampa Bay Times report Trump’s White House put pressure on DeSantis over COVID numbers.Trump was struggling for re-election months ago, but he was still proposing a lockdown saved 2 million lives.

Meanwhile, the Florida Department of Health is the only state not to promote vaccines after 2021. Last week, DeSantis signed A bill to ban the Ministry of Health from forcing people to get vaccines during public health emergencies. He is also weeks away from signing the first bill to outright ban all mask and vaccine mandates, even in hospitals.

This is not only a case of empty rhetoric versus action, but a case study of politicians’ willingness to learn more as an issue evolves. Most policies are irreversible like a bullet fired from a gun. You could be wrong for days or perhaps weeks, but you can often avoid most of the damage by quickly reversing course.

The concern everyone should have with Trump is his unwillingness to learn on the job and change course. Many of us begged him for months to stop empowering Fauci and Burks and take a completely different course on what has turned out to be the most important issue of our time. .

Five weeks after the devastating Trump lockdown began, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp became the first governor to withdraw the shutdown order. Trump made him totally savagethereby telegraphing a message to other governors not to do the same.

A week later, President Trump screwed Sweden up by mistakenly predicting that Sweden would pay a heavy price for its decision.

Trump can still claim another term, but he needs to give us confidence as to why he won’t make the same mistakes this time and why we should trust him to appoint better people. It’s okay to complain when problems arise during the election campaign process, but someone with a track record of solving these problems as an executive and assigning people who share the values ​​of basic voters. Is required. Too many conservative commentators who wield influence are so bad for business that they fear even demanding such transparency from Trump. A lack of explanation for the choice will limit Trump’s ability to deliver on exactly the same promises in a second term. The general election is over a year away from now, so it’s not enough to simply claim that you’d be better off with him than with Biden. It’s time to demand.

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