Horrifying footage shows supposed moment NYPD cop Jonathan Diller fatally shot by career-criminal suspect

Slain NYPD officer Jonathan Diller was seen screaming in agony on surveillance video just seconds after being shot in the stomach by an alleged career criminal while on duty in Queens. The video is making a fuss.

Three gunshots rang out on the relatively quiet Far Rockaway street, and Diller, 31, appeared to suddenly stumble and fall behind a parked dark gray Kia Soul, the newspaper said. Footage shared by Instagram account @ny_scoop on Wednesday.

Another officer appears to be trying to help Diller. Diller screams and occasionally lets out groans that sound like “Oh my god!”

The scene where NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller was shot and killed. Instagram/ny_scoop

A third officer pulled the man out the roadside door of the Kia and yelled at him to “get on the floor” before handcuffing him.

Immediately a swarm of police officers rushed to the chaotic scene, struggling to help the downed officer and eventually carrying him aboard.

Police quickly gathered at the chaotic scene and struggled to help the fallen officer.

Diller was shot in the abdomen under his protective vest and was pronounced dead at Jamaica Hospital.

The alleged gunman, ex-con Guy Rivera, was shot in the back by Diller’s partner who fired back two shots. He remained hospitalized on Wednesday.

A sign several feet behind the Kia indicated the car was parked in a metered zone, not at a bus stop, as police initially said.