Horrifying Video Shows Woman Bludgeoned In Allegedly Unprovoked Attack

Surveillance footage appears to show a woman getting assaulted in an allegedly unprovoked attack inside a California corner store Tuesday.

Kate Ryken, 45, was reportedly buying a bag of chips in a San Francisco store around 2 p.m. when she was suddenly hit in the back of the head, according to The San Francisco Standard.

“She just started hitting me in the head,” she told the outlet. “I was sneak-attacked.”

The surveillance video shows a woman entering the store and shortly after allegedly attacking Ryken with a pink bag. The woman can then be seen punching Ryken in the head repeatedly.

Ryken ultimately fell to the ground during the attack while the alleged assailant apparently continued to throw punches. A cashier intervened, pulling the apparent attacker off of Ryken and throwing her out of the store.

Ryken claimed there was a bottle of Jack Daniel’s inside the pink bag, the outlet noted.

The alleged attacker was identified as Jessica Blazee, 26, according to The San Francisco Standard. She was booked in county jail for assault with a deadly weapon, assault with force likely to commit bodily injury and parole violation, according to San Francisco County Jail inmate records.

Ryken said she suffered bruises on her scalp from Blazee allegedly pulling out her hair during the attack, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Video Shows NYC Mugger Punch And Rob Elderly Woman Outside Queens Church).

“It is random acts of violence like this that negatively impact a feeling of safety in communities,” San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins told the outlet. “My office is committed to ensuring that we have appropriate accountability for those who commit crime in our city and will continue to work hard to restore safety across all communities.”

Blazee is reportedly due to be arraigned Thursday. Prosecutors have asked for her to be detained until trial and claimed she poses a threat to public safety, the outlet reported.

“Yesterday, I was numb. Now I’m angry,” Ryken told the outlet. “I want this woman to be prosecuted for felony assault.”

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