House committee votes to release evidence that Hunter Biden lied under oath to Congress

The House Ways and Means Committee voted Wednesday to release 100 pages of new evidence showing that Hunter Biden lied under oath to Congress during his Feb. 28 deposition.

Evidence provided by an IRS whistleblower who investigated the eldest son’s finances reveals that Hunter lied “without a doubt” at least three times during sworn testimony, a majority of the committee said. He made this statement after a closed executive committee meeting approved his release.

Hunter, 54, claimed he was “high or drunk” when he sent threatening text messages to the wrong Chinese business associate, but phone records of WhatsApp messages show that the associate, Raymond Chao replied, indicating that he “knew exactly” what the president’s son meant. We were talking about.

A House committee has voted to release evidence that Hunter Biden lied under oath to Congress. AP

The eldest son also continued to exchange messages with Mr. Zhao after he threatened to “sit down” with his father, Joe Biden, resulting in more than $5 million in funds going to members of the first family.

IRS Special Agent Joseph Ziegler also provided the committee with documentation showing that Hunter signed and is the “beneficiary” of the Rosemont Seneca Bohay bank account — which he called “my Despite his testimony that he was not under my control or affiliated with me, Hunter, as a secretary for a company, “didn’t even know such a thing existed.”

“I, Robert Hunter Biden, hereby certify that I am the duly elected, qualified and acting Director of Rosemont Seneca Bohay, LLC,” the document reads, adding that the eldest son We were able to conclude a contract with Porsche Financial Services.

Hunter also falsely denied ever helping his colleagues with “any visa matters” or “making phone calls and contacting anyone to obtain a visa.”

Indeed, emails obtained by Revenue Code show Hunter, his former business partner Devon Archer, and other associates securing a visa for Mykola Zlochevsky, founder of Ukrainian gas company Burisma. It shows what you were trying to do.

“Hunter is checking with Miguel Aleman to see if he can cover Cora’s visa,” Archer wrote in an email, adding that Burisma associate Vadim Pozharskiy: “Please email all of Cora’s passport and visa documents and evidence to Hunter” and copy me. We’ll take it from there. ”

House Ways and Means Chairman Jason Smith (R-Missouri) said in a statement: “Hunter Biden has demonstrated once again that he believes there are two systems of justice in this country: one for families; and one for other people.” “Hunter Biden not only refused to comply with his initial subpoena until he was threatened with criminal contempt, but then he went before Congress and lied.”

“Lying during sworn testimony is a felony, and the Justice Department has prosecuted many individuals in recent years, and the American people expect similar accountability from the president’s son,” Smith added. “Hunter Biden’s lies under oath and obstructing a Congressional investigation into potential corruption in his family cast doubt on other parts of his testimony. Newly released evidence raises questions about this investigation. This reaffirms that the only witnesses who can be trusted to tell the truth are IRS whistleblowers.