House GOP Should Focus on Issues — Don’t Use Biden Impeachment as ‘Trojan Horse’

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Florida) said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that House Republicans should focus on the issue, not the impeachment investigation of President Joe Biden, saying the impeachment inquiry “is a matter of He said that it was a wooden horse.

anchor Kristen Welker said. “Let me ask you a question about a development on Capitol Hill. Speaker Mike Johnson said he believes he has the votes to begin an impeachment inquiry into President Biden and is obligated to make such a vote.” But I want to ask you, if Republicans move to impeach, do you think there’s a risk that that move could backfire and embolden President Biden heading into a re-election year?”

Mr. DeSantis said: I believe the amount of money that flowed to me into the Biden family and their families is corrupt. I don’t think it’s explained in a way that makes sense. So I think it’s justified to open an investigation based on the facts that we have. ”

He continued, “But I think they run the risk of doing research that doesn’t necessarily lead to anything, while ignoring a lot of the issues that voters are talking about.” , Republican voters don’t like Joe Biden. Yes, they’re worried about Hunter and all this money, but they’re more worried about what’s happening at the border. They’re worried about what’s happening at the economy. They’re more concerned that federal agencies are overstepping their bounds. So if they’re going to do an investigation, which I think is also legitimate, but other And I think there’s a sense here that they’re not focusing on the key issue that they wanted addressed, obviously the budget. There is no progress.”

DeSantis added, “So please don’t ignore all these issues. And don’t use that investigation like a Trojan horse to hold yourself accountable for everything else.”

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