House GOP subpoenas Biden secretary of State for Afghanistan cable

House Republicans submitted a subpoena late Monday to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, reportedly warning of the grave risk of the Afghan government collapsing in July 2021 from US officials in Afghanistan. Forced him to hand over the counter telegram.

The subpoena, signed by House Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Michael McCall (R-Tex.), gave Blinken until Monday, explaining that McCall explained why the State Department was withholding the documents as “bullshit,” and gave two of them last week. came after a tense exchange between the men of To hand over the documents and his reply.

“This commission is authorized by the U.S. Constitution to oversee the State Department,” McCall said in a statement.

“Repeated attempts have been made in good faith to find common ground so that this important information can be verified. For the first time as chairman of this committee, I was compelled to issue a subpoena to the American people about how this tragedy unfolded and why 13 American servicemen lost their lives. I expect the Department of State to comply with the law and comply with this subpoena in good faith.”

McCaul understands why the Biden administration failed to foresee the rapid collapse of the US-backed government and its takeover by the Taliban in a dissent telegram prepared by at least 23 diplomats working at the US Embassy in Kabul. I believe it is very important to

Taliban forces occupied Kabul on August 15, a total drawdown of power that complicated an already difficult exit process for the United States.

The telegrams have been sought by leaders on both sides of the commission even before the withdrawal was completed at the end of August 2021. But the subpoena is the first from McCall, who has promised to conduct a thorough review of its withdrawal from the United States. Afghanistan.

While more than 100,000 US citizens, residents and allies in Afghanistan were flown out of the country, many who helped America in its 20-year effort were left behind.

Last week, the State Department told the committee in a letter obtained by the Associated Press that it would be happy to participate in a briefing to explain the contents of the telegram.

“As a special consideration, the Bureau is prepared to discuss a route to communicating the status and content of the requested cable replacement to you,” the letter said.

“The Department of State trusts this facility to address the Commission’s information requests while maintaining the confidentiality of dissent channels.”

State Department spokesman Vedant Patel said Monday that the State Department should not undermine what is designed as a covert way for diplomats to talk to leaders.

“It’s a unique way for anyone in the department to speak truth to power without fear or favor. “Maintaining the integrity of that process and channel is very important to us.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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