House GOP subpoenas Fani Willis on the day of her home-wrecking admission; Georgia takes ‘first step’ toward her impeachment

House Republicans on Friday subpoenaed Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis over possible misuse of federal funds by her office. The subpoena was delivered shortly before Willis admitted in a court filing that she was involved in a relationship with a married man whom former President Donald Trump eventually appointed as attorney general in the Georgia election interference case. Ta.

Both the subpoena and the family-destroying confession come after the Georgia Senate took “the first steps to impeach and defund this corrupt prosecutor” over various allegations of misconduct against Willis. It was done.

No trial date has been set for Mr. Trump’s case, but the chances that it will go to trial before the 2024 election are becoming smaller by the day. Meanwhile, the likelihood that Willis will face serious professional consequences continues to grow.

While walls appear to be closing in on Black Panther’s daughter, insiders say
Said CNN reported this week that Willis is not expected to recuse himself from the case to protect its integrity.

Growing suspicions

Democratic Party members of Congress are accused of:

  • To taint the case against Trump and his co-defendants by promoting “racial hostility and bigotry against the defendants.”
  • Coordinating with the Biden White House and elements of the Jan. 6 committee in a likely politically motivated effort to kneel to the Republican front-runner.
  • Firing a whistleblower who alleged possible misuse of federal funds.
  • Despite his lack of relevant experience, she appointed her boyfriend, Nathan Wade, to lead the prosecution. Suspicion of clumsiness High-profile cases of suspicious deaths at Atlanta-area prisons and the apparent conflicts of interest that a working relationship would entail.
  • Give preferential treatment to Wade.
  • Wade allowed him to be taken on a lavish vacation using Fulton County funds approved by him. It looks like there is a receipt for that trip.and
  • This could violate federal racketeering laws.

Weeks after slamming his girlfriend’s wife, Willis finally came clean on Friday about at least one of the allegations.

176-page court filing In documents obtained by The Washington Post, Willis acknowledged having a romantic relationship with Wade, but added, “As of November 2021, when Special Counsel Wade was appointed, there was no personal relationship between the two. There was no relationship.”

The filing further asserts that “Special Counsel Wade’s personal relationship with District Attorney Willis never involved any direct or indirect financial interest in District Attorney Willis.” “Willis has no personal conflict of interest that would justify disqualifying him or Fulton.” County District Attorney’s Office. ”

The filing was likely a reference to Mr. Willis’ racist comments in front of an Atlanta church congregation last month and complaints about it that prejudiced potential jurors. “He has not made any public statements that would warrant disbarment or judicial investigation.”

The filing also includes an admission that Wade had a “personal relationship” with Willis in 2022. Wade said in a deposition included in his filing that “the funds paid to me for my role as special prosecutor were not shared with anyone or provided to District Attorney Willis.”

Willis called the damning accusations against her “worthless” and “despicable.” report post.

Phil Holloway, attorney and legal analyst
Said Fox News reported that the allegations, both confirmed and unresolved, could invalidate the Georgia election interference case against Trump.

“If it can be shown that she violated the Constitution in her due process subrogation method and that the way she performed her prosecutorial duties was fundamentally unfair, that could lead to removal.” [of the case]” Holloway said.

“The problem is that if she is fired, her entire office would have to be fired,” the analyst continued. “If she has a conflict of interest, then everyone who works for her has the same conflict of interest. So the prosecuting attorney or the attorney general’s office here in the state of Georgia is trying to figure out who has a conflict of interest in the state of Georgia. You may need to sort out what you want to be contradictory.” ”

It is being supervised by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee.
State vs. Donald John Trumphas scheduled an evidentiary hearing on February 15 to address the allegations of misconduct.

Georgia turns up the heat

On January 26, the Georgia Senate voted 30-19 to create a commission to investigate possible wrongdoing on Willis’ part.The committee has the power to compel testimony and subpoena records, but the New York Times
shown It is powerless to remove Willis from public office.

After the vote, state Sen. Colton Moore (R) said:
I have written In the There is.”

“We’re just getting started. We’re going to save America,” Moore continued. “But it will take great courage and the participation of grassroots blue-collar patriots across the land of the free.”

State Sen. Greg Dolezal (Republican), who is said to have introduced the bill to establish the special committee, said:
Said “The numerous allegations surrounding Mr. Willis, from allegations of prosecutorial misconduct to questions about the use of public funds to accusations of extra-professional relationships, highlight the urgency for a thorough and impartial investigation,” the statement said. “There is,” he said.

The committee will consist of nine members, three of whom will be Democrats.

In addition to the Georgia Senate investigation, Fulton County Commissioner Bob Ellis, chairman of the County Auditor’s Office, has investigated various documents that Willis’ office has since received, including invoices for services, costs and fees submitted by the special prosecutor for payment. requested Mr. Willis to provide relevant materials. 2021. Mr Ellis also appears to be interested in details relating to the relevant professional experience of the appointee.

State Rep. Charice Byrd (R-Willis) is also exacerbating potential difficulties.
introduced The article of impeachment against Willis last week stated that “Fanny Willis has a long list of potential conflicts that make her unfit and unfit to serve as District Attorney of Fulton County.”

“Persons elected to that office are expected to abide by the law and not weaponize that office for political gain,” Byrd added.

Republicans do not appear to have the necessary votes to pass impeachment in the state legislature.

parliamentary investigation

The House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed Willis on Friday to submit documents related to the whistleblower complaint.

Blaze News previously reported that Willis accused Amanda Timpson of a portion of her $488,000 federal grant that another employee in the office received for frivolous expenses such as computers, “items” and “travel expenses.” He is accused of demoting and then firing a woman after she warned him he was planning to run out, the report said. ”

Despite the apparent audio recording of the warning, Willis called the claims “false” and dismissed them as “baseless lawsuits filed by retained employees from the previous administration who were fired for cause.” Ta.
report NBC News.

atlanta journal constitution
report Timpson has a lawsuit pending against Willis in Fulton County Superior Court.

in him
friday’s letter Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) told Willis that the Democratic attorney’s office had “not voluntarily responded to previous requests for documents related to the office’s receipt and use of federal grants issued by the U.S. Department of Justice.” He did not respond appropriately.”

The Congressional subpoena requests all documents and communications related to Willis’ receipt and use of federal funds.

The subpoena is part of a broader Congressional investigation launched in August into whether Willis used federal funds in conducting his investigation into Trump.

Willis previously scolded Republican investigators, saying, “There is no constitutional justification for Congress to intervene in state criminal matters.”

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