House Judiciary Committee Hearing Grilling AG Garland ‘Very Much Political Theater’

CNN analyst and former FBI director Andrew McCabe said Wednesday on CNN’s “News Central” that Attorney General Merrick Garland’s hearing before the House Judiciary Committee was “very political theater.”

Anchor Boris Sanchez said, “We saw some fireworks early on, but in terms of content, is anyone saying Garland left an impression on you? Or is this primarily political theater? Is that so?” I asked.

“Unfortunately, this is very political theater,” McCabe said.

He continued: “I have to say that’s not particularly unique. I can tell you from personal experience having previously testified before this committee, the House Judiciary Committee, that it’s very different from the Senate side. Free will. There are usually many members in the room at the same time, so you can expect some pretty wild questions about all sorts of things.”

McCabe continued, “That being said, AG Garland has very limited scope right now. He cannot and will not talk about the cases that he is getting a lot of questions about, especially the Hunter Biden investigation.” Obviously not. An ongoing investigation is always beyond the scope of the department to discuss. I think he’s done a great job of holding that line, but he’s taken a lot of punches along the way. He clearly decided to speak out more forcefully to protect the employees of the Department of Justice and the FBI, and I think that’s a great decision. Employees are deeply grateful for that. I am convinced.”

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