House Judiciary Republicans renew demand for docs from DHS on cutting of Texas border wire

Fox's first appearance: Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee have sent documents to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) related to the administration's move to cut the razor wire that Texas installed to allow illegal immigration deep into the interior. and requests for information.

Chairman Jim Jordan, Chairman Tom McClintock of the Subcommittee on Immigration, and Chairman Ben Klein of the Subcommittee on Oversight Response and Accountability provided detailed information on the situation in Eagle Pass, Texas, in September. In response to the two requests, the agency sent a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

On September 20, a massive wave of illegal immigrants, mostly Venezuelans, descends on Eagle Pass, forcing the closure of two bridges as Customs and Border Protection (CBP) struggles to cope with the numbers. fell into.

Immigration crisis sets new records as migrants surge at southern border

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is seeking more information from the Department of Homeland Security. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

“As thousands of illegal aliens flood Eagle Pass, cutting off legal commerce across the bridge, the Biden administration's Department of Homeland Security will continue to support concertina wires installed by state and local governments as a deterrent. and cut and removed fences, allowing foreign nationals to illegally cross the border,” the lawmakers said. .

The border cuts established by Texas Governor Greg Abbott as part of Operation Lone Star to stop illegal immigration caused outrage among Republicans and led Texas to sue the administration. The case is still ongoing.

Paxton, Texas sues Biden administration over razor wire cutting at southern border: 'This is illegal'

A DHS spokesperson told Fox at the time that the agency does not comment on pending litigation, but added, “Generally speaking, Border Patrol agents have a duty under federal law to process people who enter the continental United States without authorization.” Therefore, we have an obligation to detain and process them.” Take action when there are situations that put our workers and migrants at risk. ”

Republicans on the Judiciary Committee sent a letter to Mr. Mayorkas on Nov. 6 requesting information on the crisis, including cutting fences by the Border Patrol, and followed up again with DHS' Office of Legislative Affairs on Nov. 22. .

“However, to date, the ministry has not responded to our requests or taken appropriate action,” they said.

del rio sector

Layers of razor wire along the Rio Grande River in Eagle Pass, Texas, U.S. on Thursday, October 12, 2023. (Jordan Vonderhaar/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

They note that migrant inflows are “increasingly common,” which “highlights the importance of the Commission's oversight.”

Congress stalls on border security efforts amid seemingly endless influx of migrants

They have set a deadline of December 22nd for information on the matter.

“Please note that if these requests remain outstanding, the Commission may be forced to resort to compulsory proceedings,” they added.

The letter comes amid a new surge of migrants at the border this week, with more than 12,000 migrants encountered at the border and a new record for daily encounters.


Meanwhile, Republicans and Democrats are working to reach an agreement on additional spending, and talks continue on border security measures. The White House has asked for $14 billion for border operations, but Republicans want stricter asylum standards and cuts to humanitarian parole.



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