House Republicans Give McCarthy Standing Ovation in Debt Limit Meeting

Speaker Kevin McCarthy received a standing ovation Tuesday at the House Republican meeting on the debt ceiling.

House Republican collected They applauded McCarthy as they gathered in the Capitol to discuss the debt ceiling deal. The California Republican said he would give Republicans time to discuss the Debt Limitation Agreement, also known as the Fiscal Responsibility Act.

The House is scheduled to hold a provisional vote on the bill on Wednesday.

The California Republican has stressed that the debt deal will give the party even more leverage in the battle over this fall’s appropriations bill, a point criticized by conservatives such as Rep. Thomas Massey (R, Kentucky). there is

Rep. Garrett Graves (R-Louisiana) said the IRS would not hire any staff as a result of the Fiscal Responsibility Act. The debt relief bill cut the IRS budget by $1.4 billion, and the compromise reached between McCarthy and President Joe Biden on future appropriations bills cuts the IRS funding by $10 billion in fiscal 2024 and $10 billion in fiscal 2025. IRS funding will be cut by $10 billion.

Graves, who was one of the chief negotiators with President Biden, received A standing ovation erupted when the White House announced that Democrats were complaining about the bill’s lack of priority spending and no adoption of the bill.

Louisiana Republican Said The White House said, “I’ve said it many times, how are we going to get 10 Democratic senators to vote for this?” And what do you know? No. ”

Graves called on House Republicans to continue to support the bill.

“You gave the speaker a mighty hand. Stick with us now,” he said Said.

McCarthy told Breitbart News bureau chief Matthew Boyle Washington in an exclusive interview about the dangers of not addressing America’s deficit problem.

Matthew Perdie / Breitbart News, Jack Knudsen / Breitbart News, Zenny Fong / Breitbart News

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