How Biden should respond to the Iranian attack against Israel

Iran’s attack on Israel is a game-changing event not only for Israel but for the entire region and even the United States. Drones, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles Directly heading from Iranian territory to mainland Israel is unprecedented. That guarantees a serious reaction.

Some have suggested this is an opportunity for Israel to finally attack Iran. nuclear development program, It is moving towards a point of no return and will change the Middle East forever and for the worse.may be necessary for israel American help Targeting Iran’s many deeply buried nuclear facilities.

But that’s highly doubtful. election year President Biden wants to directly engage the United States in aggressive actions against Iran, which could snowball into a new Middle East war.Worse than inflation, war could break out. disrupting Biden’s re-election campaign; According to Axios, Mr. Biden told Prime Minister Netanyahu, The US will not support any Israeli counterattack against Iran. ”

Still, there are things the United States can do that do not require American missiles and are an appropriate response to this Iranian aggression. In that case, words, not bombs, would be the answer.

Biden should say that this attack on Israel was long planned.Iran is the world’s Major state sponsors of terrorism For decades. This is one of the. worst human rights Since its establishment 45 years ago, it has continued to abuse its own people. During that revolution, Iranians occupy US embassy They held the people hostage for 444 days.

Biden should announce changes to U.S. policy toward Iran – and he will. pro-Iranian people From here on out, I am completely against their system.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has harmed the Middle East for too long,” Biden should say. “We will no longer allow Iran to assert its territorial claims.” plausible deniability By using its proxy network, it killed and seriously injured Americans as well as allied nationals. ”

Such American policy would ultimately fully support the Iranian people in charting their own course to control their own future, changing the face of the nation and making it part of a community of nations. Japan will aim to become a country thatThey will finally be able to break free of their bonds. Abuse, terrorism, torture, imprisonment, political and religious capital punishment For those who just want to be free.

No Israeli or American weapon is more powerful than a united front seeking regime change in Iran.

Certainly, this is not unprecedented. Biden felt comfortable with the support of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. (DN.Y.) is seeking to replace Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, the freely elected leader of a democracy and an ally of the United States. He would have no problem calling for an end to the reign of terror by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s supreme leader and his henchmen, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, a US-designated terrorist organization.

The pen is mightier than the sword. Mr. Biden could accomplish much by calling for regime change, by supporting Iranian protesters rather than ignoring them, as President Barack Obama did. green revolution In 2009, millions of Iranians took to the streets to protest and demand regime change.

In 2022, a young woman, Mahsa Amini, was murdered by Iran’s notorious morality police. What is called “The most ‘widespread rebellion'” The turmoil in Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution is the result, Biden said. “Don’t worry, we will liberate Iran.”

Unfortunately, the Biden administration has chosen not to meaningfully assist the Iranian people who risked their lives. All because the regime wanted Iran to rejoin the already signed nuclear deal. violatedbIran In any case, restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program will expire within a decade.

Biden still has a chance to do the right thing.Following Iran Attacking Israel from Iranian territory He can tell our allies to stand with the Iranian people and oppose the regime that oppresses them.

This attack should be the straw that breaks Iran’s camel’s back.No amount of appeasement can prevent it. Revolutionary Shiite Jihad Ideology The goal is to annihilate Israel, weaken America, and control the Middle East and its Sunni allies.

At its best, America creates foreign policies that help people break chains of oppression. President Biden has a chance to do what President Reagan did when he called the Soviet Union a “hostile nation.” “Evil Empire,” Too few people were willing to say anything. Reagan told Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union: tear down the berlin wall And let’s give millions of people behind the Iron Curtain control of their own destiny.

Mr. Biden could do the same with the Iranian people, who would likely become an ally of the United States if given the opportunity. If the Iranian people were able to overthrow the regime on their own, The Middle East will be a safer and more stable place. Is possible.

Most regime changes occur without violence. According to Erica Chenoweth, a professor at the university, Harvard University Kennedy School And that Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study“Historical research suggests that it will take time. 3.5 percent of the population participates in sustained nonviolent activities It is resistance to the overthrow of a brutal dictatorship. ”

It all starts with a few simple words from Biden. “We stand with the Iranian people and that is not the case at all.” appease Already the mullahs of Tehran. ”

Eric Mandel is director of the Middle East Political Information Network and Mandel Strategies. He is senior security editor at Jerusalem Report.

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