How much should you tip? Americans sound off as tipping culture continues to expand

After a DoorDash driver went viral after tipping him $8 and then refusing to give him food, people in the Sunshine State thought about how to tip on delivery.

John, who was visiting Florida, told Fox News, “If you’re delivering food, it’s a few bucks, 10%, 15%. But if you’re delivering something big like furniture, it depends on the number of people. “I’ll throw them a few beers or a few glasses of water and give them $20.”

Americans talk about tipping on delivery apps. clock:

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DoorDash driver In the viral video, it took 40 minutes to drive over 12 miles, so tipping wasn’t enough. left food in his hand.

“They’re serving you. You know, you’re sitting at home waiting for them to deliver it to you,” New York native Debbie told Fox News. So they should be well tipped because the service is for you.”

Jean, who is from Georgia, told Fox News that she would always give her a tip if someone helped her. (Isabel McDonnell/Fox News)

New York Magazine recommends tipping culture is ‘guilt,’ according to Jimmy Fira

grub hubanother food delivery app suggests tipping delivery drivers 20% if all goes well. need to do it..

“I mean, there are people who might leave something somewhere,” Rich, visiting from New York, told Fox News. “But I think most people should get a tip. I work hard and I work late.”

Does your payment technology encourage you to overtip?

Another Florida visitor, Jake, complained about how much tipping culture has spread.

“Whenever you buy a sandwich, or a coffee, or a bagel, they’re flipping the monitor and tipping you 25 percent without knowing it.” I pay out of my pocket more than I was actually going to put in there.”

A native of New Jersey, John says he always tips his delivery drivers.

A native of New Jersey, John says he always tips his delivery drivers. (Isabel McDonnell/Fox News)


Some argue that delivery drivers should be tipped the same amount as restaurant waiters.

“They deliver your food,” Alicia of Minnesota told Fox News. “They’re like servers at a restaurant, so you have to tip them accordingly.”

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