How Taylor Swift saved Dave Portnoy after ‘worst day ever gambling’

It's safe to say that Dave Portnoy is not a professional sports bettor.

And when things go wrong, it can lead to horrible second-guessing.

“I was so sure the Bills would beat the Cowboys that I switched my bet to Dallas just to see the same old Cowboys. Duck sucks. Stupid penalties. Stupid coaching.” Portnoy told X. “They're the worst. Get them out of the league.”

In Sunday's rainy game, the Bills were the slight favorites over the Cowboys, with Buffalo winning 31-10.

“So this is the same old Cowboys. I get it. I hate myself,” said a self-deprecating Portnoy. Posted in X James Cook's touchdown catch early in the second quarter gave the Bills a 14-0 lead.

But the day appeared to have ended on a high note, as Taylor Swift was seen on video drinking High Noon in her suite during the Chiefs-Patriots game.

“Today was the worst day in gambling history. I lost my shirt. @taylorswift13 made up for it by drinking @nooners when the camera wasn't on.” he posted on x.

High Noon is a vodka seltzer drink that Barstool Sports is helping promote.

Dak Prescott during the Cowboys' loss to the Bills on December 17, 2023. USA TODAY Sports (via Reuters Con)

Bills' Jordan Phillips celebrates a win over the Cowboys on Dec. 17, 2023.
Bills' Jordan Phillips celebrates a win over the Cowboys on Dec. 17, 2023. Getty Images

Portnoy also seemed annoyed by the Cowboys' pregame dance moves before waxing in an important game.

“I hate these people.” he posted After watching the Cowboys pregame dance.

Portnoy also went on a social media rant earlier in the day, attacking the Packers for their terrible defense. It's fair to wonder if Portnoy was betting on Green Bay, which lost as the home favorite on Sunday.

“The Packers defense being praised for every play and then ripped to shreds at the same time may be the most infuriating thing I've ever witnessed.” portnoy said.

Do you want to bet on the NFL?

Portnoy's gambling season can be summarized as follows: He doesn't understand the Bills.

The Barstool founder claimed earlier this season that he was retiring from gambling after losing a high-stakes bet on the Bills' overtime loss to the Eagles in Buffalo.

Naturally, that didn't last long and his gambling retirement was over, with him claiming he was preparing to bet $1 million on the Michigan Wolverines vs. the Alabama Crimson Tide.



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