How the Trump verdict will roil the election 

Prosecutor and Defense Delivered closing argument A few weeks later, on Tuesday, former President TrumpFirst hearing of. He 34 cases of falsifying business records Regarding the payment of hush money to adult film actresses Stormy Daniels She has insisted on remaining silent about their affair.

Trump has denied the affair and his legal team Attacking credibility His former lawyer Michael Cohen, The prosecution’s star witness He testified that Trump ordered the payment.

verdict It may be inherited at any timeIt could happen within hours or it could take days or longer, but it’s unclear what impact the ruling will have on the election itself.

The start of the trial has not had a significant negative impact on Trump’s poll numbers, at least for now. The race with President Biden is almost even. National polls show Trump winning, with narrow leads in most key battleground states.

As The Hill’s Brett Samuels reports, if Trump is convicted, he would become the first former president and major party candidate to be convicted, giving Democrats a new line of attack against him as the election heats up. But if Trump is acquitted, he is likely to declare victory and say the verdict shows that the charges against him were fabricated, as he has long maintained.

Trump could also point to the acquittal to support his argument that many of the charges he faces in three other criminal cases are also politically motivated.

Public opinion polls were also conducted, Americans are divided on whether they expect Trump to be convictedA Suffolk University/USA Today poll found that 65% of registered voters expect Trump to be found guilty of all or some of the charges, while another Economist/YouGov poll found that just 22% expect him to be found guilty.

Regardless of public expectations, to reach a verdict, the jury must reach a unanimous verdict on all charges. If they do not, the outcome is Disagreementand the court process You can start again.