How to replace Joe Burrow

Like every year, the fantasy football community seems to lament and debate whether the current NFL season has been more injury-prone than others. We understand that injuries happen. Football is an intense sport. I also understand that we can’t control it and that we, the fantasy owners, just have to roll with the punches. But losing your starting quarterback in Week 11 would be an even bigger blow, right? The waiver wire is barren because people in your league are stocking up on backups on their roster in case what happened to you happens to them. It’s the most important position in football, real or imagined, and some help needs to be found. With the fantasy playoffs on the line, Joe Burrow owners, this one’s for you.

Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow will miss the rest of the season.
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Give up. That’s it! I hope you have better luck next year.

i’m just kidding!

Although the situation may seem bleak, we can rely on a few names who will be able to get the job done. They’re not superstars, they’re not league champions. But what they can do is provide enough to keep their playoff chances alive. You may have to stream a variety of players, but with only a few weeks left in the fantasy regular season, do everything you can to win.

The Thanksgiving holiday will spread out the games a little more and with so many people taking time off to spend time with their families, there will probably be fewer people paying attention to the waiver wire. If they do that, they might be able to get Jordan Love to play against the Lions. The implied game total is 46, so points are expected, and with Aaron Jones injured again, Love will probably be in the game more often.

Believe it or not, Gardner Minshew is in a great spot this week against the Bucks. Tampa Bay’s run defense usually forces teams to attack, but given how soft their pass coverage was, even Minshew should make an impact. Both Will Revis and Bruce Young will face off in Week 12, and while neither is anything to write home about, their pass defense is weak enough to expect a bit of a shootout. And even though his popularity is skyrocketing, he may still be able to land Minnesota’s Joshua Dobbs. Dobbs faces a weak Bears secondary, with Justin Jefferson potentially returning.

The options available are far from sexy, but you can make do with what you have. Just because the starting quarterback goes down doesn’t mean the season is over. What is one championship that is easier to achieve, but more difficult to win?