HOWARD KURTZ: Liberal pundits, urging Biden to withdraw, push convention scenario

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A growing number of left-wing commentators are jumping off the Biden train, and they’re trying to devise a plan to help the president jump too.

Attacks from the right are another thing, but these are Joe Biden’s people who say he’s been a good president and accomplished a lot, but given his age, they’re not as good as Donald Trump. They claim that the chances of losing are too high or too certain. . That’s the only problem he can’t solve.

At the same time, a new report says the resistance is becoming increasingly frustrated and burnt out.

Nate Silver The data guru, who is hardly a right-winger, says: “Personally, I think he should cross the Rubicon in November and resign if Biden can’t do a normal re-election campaign.” So we came to the conclusion that, “Do the Super Bowl interview. Yes, it’s a big risk, and yes, Biden could still win. But he’s losing right now.” , there is no plan to fix the problem.”

The media considers Trump the candidate, even though Haley links him to Putin.

Nathaniel “Nate” Silver, editor-in-chief of ESPN blog FiveThirtyEight, speaks during a panel discussion at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas, USA, Saturday, March 8, 2014. (David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

After pointing out that improving the economy doesn’t help him, Silver said, “It’s become even more clear that Biden’s age is a big issue for him. In one poll, as many as 86% of Americans say Biden 70% say they are too old.” People in the ~75% range are more common, but still the overwhelming majority in a deeply divided country. ”

And it wasn’t helped by the special counsel’s report that found him an elderly man with a poor memory.

“But even the most optimistic Democrats, if you read between the lines, seriously argue that Democrats can win.” in spite of Not because it’s Biden. Biden is probably a sub-successor-level candidate at this point, as Americans have many very reasonable concerns about the prospects of a commander-in-chief who will be 86 years old by the end of his second term. It is perfectly reasonable to consider this a disqualification. ”

Wait, there’s more.

Fanny Willis is in a ‘dangerous place’: Jackie Heinrich

“Right now, I can point to a moment where he’s stalled in his presidential campaign because of his age. This distinction between the job of being president and the job of running for president has become blurred, including by Biden himself.” “And what we’re seeing is he’s not being proactive about this. He’s not even the activist that he was even five years ago…his movements. The energy in his voice.”

Ezra Klein, ultra-liberal new york times podcasteralso wants the president to leave.

“Unfortunately, step one is convincing Biden that he shouldn’t run again. We don’t want to risk becoming Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a heroic, brilliant woman. A civil servant who caused the consequences she most feared by not retiring early enough.”

Despite calling it the “Kamala Harris problem,” Klain said to assume Biden would withdraw. “So what do we do? So Democrats are doing something that used to be common in politics, but they haven’t done in decades: They choose their candidates at their conventions.”

Silver also agrees with this scenario.

What I’m trying to say here is that unless there’s a serious health concern, that’s not happening. Biden has been running for president since 1987 (I had a long interview with him during that campaign). He finally got the job. He likes being in charge. He has no intention of leaving.

Biden speaks in East Palestine

President Biden speaks after touring an East Palestine reconstruction site in East Palestine, Ohio, Friday, February 16, 2024. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

And to be fair, Biden has been making adjustments over the past two weeks. He is now on camera answering questions from reporters almost every day, sometimes longer than most. Just yesterday, he walked in to say he would announce a series of sanctions against Russia on Friday in response to the killing of Alexei Navalny. And he spoke twice on television.

still, liberal times columnist Michelle Goldberg has argued since 2022 that Biden should leave without making any major changes to his strategy, saying, “Biden must come up with some kind of medical excuse before a replacement is chosen at the Democratic convention.” He should find out and leave.”

Moderate conservative Ross Douthat flatly stated in a column for the Times that Biden should not run for re-election.

As if the Times were in danger of covering up the issue. This is also written on the paper “Anti-Trump voters are grappling with another powerful emotion: fatigue.”

“Some people are burned out with anger,” Rebecca Lee Funk, founder of the liberal activist group Outrage, told the paper.

“It’s definitely crisis fatigue,” the Pittsburgh guard said.

Democrats gain seats, Republicans win impeachment, two presidents clash over NATO

What about the right one? Noah Rothman of National ReviewHe believes Biden will win by a narrow margin, and explains the massive voting shift that has left Democrats in trouble.

“Despite his family roots deep in the carbon-rich soil of Scranton, Pennsylvania, and his reputation as a 9-to-5 lunch bucket worker, Joe Biden The Democratic Party, which has led the hemorrhage of support for his party among voters, is becoming increasingly dominated by people with college degrees. The big problem with that plan is that there aren’t enough voters…

“In 1999, a historic Gallup poll found that working-class Americans perceived Democrats 14 points more than Republicans. Today, that has reversed, with Republicans 14 points more likely to perceive Democrats than Democrats among voters. Democrats are suffering as well.” Relations with younger voters: Only 8% of voters between the ages of 18 and 29 currently favor Democrats over Republicans. . ”

This is an eye-opener for those of us who grew up in a Republican Party that dominated wealthy college graduates and supported aggressive military intervention overseas.

“Democrats appear intent on a strategy of winning, at best, a narrow re-election victory, even if Trump is in the lead for election,” Rothman concluded.

Chairman Johnson, Donald Trump

House Speaker Mike Johnson’s campaign shared this image with Fox News Digital after meeting with former President Trump at Mar-a-Lago. (Fox News)

Meanwhile, Nikki Haley spoke in South Carolina and declared she wasn’t going anywhere. Many Republicans “succumbed” to pressure because they “didn’t want to be kicked out of the club. Of course, many of the same politicians who now openly support Trump are also secretly afraid of him.” They know what a miserable person he was and always will be.” “He will continue to be for our party…I don’t think he needs to kiss the ring. . I’m not afraid of Trump’s retaliation. I’m not asking him for anything. I have no interest in my own political future.”

But the most telling part of her appearance was when she choked up while discussing her husband (whom President Trump has vaguely attacked). He is a member of the National Guard and is currently serving a year-long deployment in Africa following a deployment in Afghanistan.

“Michael is on my mind,” Haley said in a choked voice. “I wish Michael were here today, and my kids and I wish we could see him tonight, but we can’t. He’s serving on the other side of the world.”

It was a memorable moment because Hayley is usually very scripted and disciplined. The explosion of emotion in 2008 helped Hillary Clinton win the New Hampshire primary. The problem is that if President Trump defeats Haley in Saturday’s South Carolina primary, the press will likely disparage Haley, no matter how long she’s been on the campaign trail.


Yesterday, a reporter asked Biden whether he would rather run against Trump or Haley. He replied, “I don’t care,” and walked away.

But considering Haley is 52 years old, I think he and his advisors are being very careful. Mr. Trump, 77, projects a more energetic persona but is the only opponent who may help neutralize the issues that most threaten Mr. Biden’s re-election campaign.



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