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Howard Stern says Jerry Seinfeld ‘apologized for a really long time’ after questioning his ‘comedy chops’

Howard Stern was caught off guard earlier this month when his friend Jerry Seinfeld publicly questioned his comedic talent and “chops” during a recorded podcast interview.

Seinfeld went so far as to say that he was “outmaneuvered” by other podcast hosts in the industry.

The comment went viral, and Mr. Seinfeld issued a statement asking for Mr. Stern’s forgiveness.

Stern is now sharing how that comment affected him and whether Seinfeld actually apologized in private.

Jerry Seinfeld asks Howard Stern for forgiveness after suggesting he wasn’t funny

A week after Jerry Seinfeld publicly apologized for questioning Stern’s “comedic talent,” Howard Stern has broken his silence. (Getty Images)

On Monday, the longtime radio host on his show “The Howard Stern Show” revealed how he learned of Seinfeld’s comments, saying he was scrolling through Google News. Admitted.

“It was like this headline and Jerry was basically saying I was an interviewer and not a comedian, and now comedians have podcasts and comedians are, you know, funnier than me or whatever. So I read it.” When I heard that, I said to my wife, “Oh, that’s weird, because Jerry is like a personal friend of ours.”

Howard Stern and his wife Beth in a red top sitting courtside at a basketball game, Jerry Seinfeld and his wife in a classic tuxedo at the Met Gala

Howard Stern said he expressed his confusion over Jerry’s comments to his wife, Beth, who also relayed the news to Jerry’s wife, Jessica. (Getty Images)

“His wife Jessica is a really good friend. [my wife] Beth. They text each other regularly,” Stern continued. Stern also revealed that he had recently spoken to Seinfeld, which made the comments all the more puzzling.

Stern said he called Seinfeld to ask if he was OK because anti-Israel protesters were attending his event.

“You know we had a nice conversation, but just to make a long story short, I read that and I was like, ‘Oh my God…’ I didn’t even care,” Stern admitted. Seinfeld added that he had “just come off a really bad week.”

Jerry Seinfeld smiles while wearing a black suit with his name written in red on the back

Jerry Seinfeld has recently come under fire from anti-Israel protesters at his events, most recently as a commencement speaker at Duke University. (Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images)

Duke University students attend Jerry Seinfeld’s commencement speech and shout “Free Palestine”

“So Beth sent an email to Jessica. Jessica told Jerry. Jerry called me right away and said, ‘Oh no… I messed up and I want to apologize.’ ” he recalled. “He said, ‘You know on the air, the results are just wrong. I know, you’re this interviewer,'” I said. , “Jerry, you don’t even have to do that, please, this.” [is] It’s embarrassing. I’m the king of going on the air and having a million regrets afterwards. The apology was accepted. I do not care. ‘”

Howard Stern puts on his headphones and looks up during the taping of his show.

Howard Stern said he quickly forgave Jerry Seinfeld after he “apologized for a really long time.” (Getty Images)

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“I don’t know who I am,” Stern continued. “I always thought I was kind of a comedian, but whatever it was, don’t worry. And he apologized for a really long time. And he said he was wrong about that. ”

Stern then revealed that Seinfeld was willing to apologize on Stern’s turf. “He said, ‘Can I go on the show today and apologize?’ I said, ‘You don’t have to. It’s okay, it’s awkward,'” said Seinfeld and many others in the past. He admitted that he had to apologize to them.

Howard Stern walks outside wearing a black jacket

Howard Stern has admitted that he has made some problematic statements on air in the past that he had to apologize for. (Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan, via Getty Images)

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“I’m sometimes influenced by what people say, and certainly…I want to pay homage to Jerry…but I also recognize that I said something really strange on the air. After that. “Why did I do this?” “What I said was completely wrong, wasn’t it?” ’ So I graciously accepted the apology,” Stern said.

“Whatever Jerry said about me, it was no worse than what my own mother said about me,” Stern joked later in the show.

Jerry Seinfeld wearing a black suit and tie holds a microphone and performs on stage

Jerry Seinfeld publicly apologized to Howard Stern last week. (Getty Images)


Seinfeld also publicly apologized last week, saying he deeply regrets the comments he made during an episode of Page Six. david spade Dana Carvey’s podcast “Fly on the Wall.”

“I really regret the comments I made about my friend Howard Stern in conversations with David Spade and Dana Carvey about the glut of comedy podcasts,” he said. Exit. “I wanted to say that he must feel surrounded, but I said, ‘I’m being flanked.’ That sounded deeply insulting. And of course these None of his small shows are a threat to his huge show.Anyway, it was terrible, and I’m sorry, I still love you, please forgive me.”