HS basketball player, older brother beat up coach in parking lot after game: cops

A Texas high school basketball player attacked his coach in the parking lot after he was benched for unsportsmanlike conduct during a game that night.

Authorities say Jevin Allen, 17, and his brother Jarrick Allen, 22, who also participated in the assault, allegedly assaulted the coach, causing injuries to his head, neck, face and arms. He was arrested on December 5th.

The coach, who was not named, told the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office that Jevin was benched during an away game due to his “attitude toward the opposing team's players.” The disciplinary action “outraged” the teenager and his family.

Back at Willis High School in Conroe, Texas, authorities said the coach found the boy and his family waiting in the parking lot around 9:52 p.m. after the game.

Relatives confronted the coach and the fight escalated when Jevin allegedly punched him in the face, according to the sheriff's office.

His brother soon joined in, and the two punched the victim until another coach and several bystanders intervened to quell the commotion, authorities said.

Jevin Allen, 17, was arrested after punching a basketball coach in a high school parking lot after a game. Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
Jevin's younger brother Jarrick Allen, 22, also took part in the assault. Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
The attack occurred in a parking lot outside Willis High School in Conroe, Texas, about 40 miles north of Houston. google map

Police said both suspects fled after the attack. After viewing surveillance footage and speaking with witnesses, officers located the brothers and arrested them on suspicion of assaulting a public servant.

They were released from the Montgomery County Jail after each posting $23,000 bail.

The coach is recovering from his injuries and Jevin is no longer enrolled at the school, according to a statement provided by the school district. Kou.

“While the investigation is ongoing, we have determined that the student's address is no longer valid and the student has been removed from the district.” We will not tolerate this,” the statement said.

Conroe is a medium-sized city of approximately 95,000 people located 40 miles north of Houston.



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