Hundreds of teenagers swarm streets of Chicago neighborhood and vandalize cars while terrorizing businesses and residents

Chicago police scrambled to respond to an incident that terrorized businesses and neighborhoods as hundreds of teens flocked to the Lakeview neighborhood Monday night.

“They were jumping into cars, breaking glass, throwing things. I know my car was used as a bar for people,” the witness said. told WGN-TV.

The woman told WGN that she called the police but received a disappointing response.

“We were told there was nothing we could do,” said a concerned resident. “At that moment they were so overwhelmed that they got too many calls.”

The hijacking began around 10 p.m. when the teenagers stormed out of the Belmont Red Line stop on the Chicago “L” train.

Videos of the incident showed many teens dancing in cars and drinking in the street.

Neighbors said they found vandalism on their cars, including broken windows and large dents.

One restaurant owner told WGN that he closed the restaurant as soon as he saw the teenagers making a mess. They watched the store all night to prevent vandalism.

Resident Grace Rowen told WGN she was terrified and heard gunfire all night.

“It continues to be very confusing and honestly as someone who has lived in Lakeview for the last three years it is very scary to see how things have changed over time,” Rowen said. Told.

Local officials released a statement Tuesday in support of the cleanup effort.

44th Ward Alderman Bennett Lawson said: “I plan to meet with the 19th Ward Police Department, the CTA and others to discuss what happened and identify ways to prevent future occurrences.” rice field. “We will also continue to discuss with our colleagues in the city council how we can prevent young people from participating in these destructive behaviors.”

Hundreds of teens took part in the takeover, but only two were arrested. One of the two arrested, a 15-year-old girl, has been charged with obstructing traffic and aggravated assault on a paramedic.

Below is a local news report about a takeover by a teenager.

Hundreds of Teens Take Over Lakeview, Destroy

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