Hunter Biden’s laptop suit could drag Joe’s reelection bid

As President Biden considers running for re-election at the age of 80, his long-troubled son Hunter almost guarantees the commander-in-chief will bring a lot of baggage to the campaign trail. bottom.

On Friday, Hunter Biden filed a counterclaim alleging his privacy was violated, escalating a legal battle with the now infamous former computer repair shop owner who took possession of his laptop. Business deals return to the spotlight.

In a counterclaim filed in U.S. District Court in Delaware on Friday, the eldest son, John Paul Mac Isaac, was accused of copying and disseminating the contents of a laptop abandoned at his Delaware store in 2019. He claimed he had no legal rights.

A 42-page filing filed in response to a lengthy defamation lawsuit filed by Mac Isaac against Hunter et al distributing laptop content for political gain just weeks before the 2020 election The owner of the repair shop that helped him do it is also blaming.

Hunter’s aggressive move comes as the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. James Comer (R-K.), is conducting an investigation into foreign business dealings of his eldest son and his family.

Hunter Biden, in a massive counterclaim filed Friday, claimed his privacy was violated when the lewd contents of his abandoned laptop were made public.

A counterclaim that draws more attention to his so-called “Hell Laptop” could also be a major drag on Biden’s anticipated re-election.

In the lawsuit, Hunter’s attorney explained exactly how the now 52-year-old’s personal information, including nude photos and a flood of emails and texts, was made public and was reported exclusively by The Post in October 2020. I detailed.

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“As a result of Mac Isaac’s illegal agreements and conspiracies with others, Mr. Biden’s personal data was made available to third parties and ultimately released to the general public. This is highly offensive. and has damaged Mr. Biden and his reputation, the filing says.

hunter biden
The counterclaim threatens to overshadow President Biden’s anticipated reelection campaign.

“The purpose of violating Mr. Biden’s privacy and disseminating his data was to harm and embarrass Mr. Biden, not for a legitimate purpose.”

Mac Isaac claims he became the legal owner of the laptop after Hunter brought it in for repairs in April 2019, but Mac Isaac did not contact him. Despite trying, I was unable to return to retrieve it.

His own attorney states that he has receipts signed by Hunter, indicating that any property not claimed after 90 days will be forfeited.

John Paul Mac Isaac
John Paul Mac Isaac claims he became the legal owner of the laptop after Hunter dropped it in April 2019.
James Keybomb

However, Hunter’s attorney argued in the latest filing that Delaware law stipulates that private property can only be considered abandoned after one year.

“Contrary to Mac Isaac’s claim that the property left in his store was property abandoned after 90 days, he said in a recently published book and other media appearances that Mr. before 90 days had passed since he claimed the property or data was left in the store,” the lawsuit states.

“Mr. Biden expects more privacy than reasonable expectations for the data he creates or maintains, especially for the most personal data such as photos, videos, interactions with other adults, and communications with family members.” I was. no You may not access, copy, distribute or post it on the Internet for others to use against him or his family or for viewing by the general public. ”

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