Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Refuse to Speak with CNN After Meeting with DOJ

Hunter Biden’s attorneys discovered on Wednesday that CNN quietly left the Justice Department to attend a scheduled meeting with U.S. prosecutor David Weiss and at least one Justice Department official.

Hunter Biden’s high-powered attorney apparently refused to answer CNN’s questions. reportanyone interested in one of the biggest political scandals of the 21st century should speculate about the outcome of the conference.

CNN has finally confirmed that Hunter Biden’s abandoned “laptop from hell” is real, 532 days after the first story broke on Oct. 24, 2020.

Wednesday’s summit was scheduled last week, following IRS agents alleging improper politicization of a tax audit against the president’s son. A political appointee claimed to be working to block charges against Hunter of tax law violations on recommendations.

As far back as May 2019, Hunter was under investigation by the DOJ for tax fraud, money laundering and lobbying law violations. Federal prosecutors led by Weiss reportedly considered charging Hunter with three tax crimes and one gun crime over a year ago.

However, the president’s son has not been charged. Attorney General Merrick Garland declined to name a special counsel for the investigation to provide some separation between the investigation and President Joe Biden.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr and constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley believe a special counsel must be appointed to investigate the case.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) told Breitbart News that Garland and Biden were suspected of abuse.

“Under President Biden and Attorney General Garland, America has not applied justice and the rule of law equally. They are equally guilty and responsible for the abuses alleged by IRS whistleblowers.” ” he said.

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