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I-95 Sign Misspelled Near Philadelphia Bridge Collapse Site

Drivers are confused after noticing an incorrect sign along Interstate 95 in Philadelphia that shows people covering their faces.

The green sign with white lettering is located near Cottman Avenue and State Road and has the misspelled number ABC 6 on it. report Monday.

Sign image show it is”Central Philly Chester [emphasis added] Social media users shared their thoughts about the mistake.

“Classic Philadelphia. I want a T-shirt with that on it,” one person said. CommentedMeanwhile, another user Said“Unfortunately, this sign went unnoticed by the original manufacturers and installers. American folly.”

“And then the crew installed it! This is ridiculous!” Someone else I have writtenMeanwhile, another person Reply“You have one job….”

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation recently installed signs at the location where an I-95 bridge collapsed in 2023 after a truck fire, ABC 6 reported.

Watch the video:

The truck was under the bridge when the accident occurred and burst into flames, AFP reported at the time.

The nation’s busiest north-south highway, which connects major cities along the East Coast from Maine to Florida, remained closed in both directions in the Philadelphia area, authorities said.

Officials said it may take weeks to repair the damaged highway, creating a nightmare scenario for commuters and road users at the start of the summer holiday season.

Federal investigators recently Said CBS Philadelphia reported on June 13 that the hatch on top of the truck had been left open.

The driver’s final delivery was scheduled to be made at a gas station on Oxford Circle in Philadelphia, but the driver appears to have lost control on the Cotman ramp and the truck overturned.

“Investigators say the fuel that initially ignited was likely gasoline that leaked through an open manhole cover,” but there are other possibilities for the cause of the blaze, although they are less likely, the news agency reported.