‘I Don’t Know Who Would Want the Job at This Point’

Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-North Dakota) said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “The Andrea Mitchell Report” that Republicans pushing to unseat House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) have no plan for his replacement. He said there was no.

Mitchell said: “I want to ask you about what the Speaker announced today, that Saturday’s vote will be a separate vote, but there will be one rule for the package, and when it comes to Ukraine, Israel and Republican priorities. There will be separate votes,” he said. do you support it? Or are you supporting Massie Taylor Greene and Marjorie Taylor Greene’s efforts to take him down? Clearly, Democratic votes are needed to pass these. ”

Armstrong said, “I do not support removing Mike as a speaker. I think he has the toughest job in politics. I have had the opportunity to come to Congress and serve with Mike.” I think he’s doing an incredibly tough job. He made the call. The second question is, can we get the rules? The question is whether the rules are pervasive. All members will have the opportunity to vote on each of these issues. Especially when it comes to aid to Ukraine, the document we have seen today will be very important. I think there’s a lot of different opinions in our conference and I think on both sides of the aisle what that’s going to be like. He’s going to move forward with that. I disagree with the majority opinion against the rule in general.”

Asked why he supports Mr Johnson, Mr Armstrong said: “I stand with the Speaker of the House of Commons because I actually consider him a friend and he is one of the toughest people in politics.” I think he’s trying to do his job, and considering all the circumstances, I think he’s doing it.” That’s really great.”

He added: “To throw ourselves into chaos without any real succession plan means, frankly, at this point we don’t know who would want the job if this were successful. That’s what I mean,” he added.

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