‘I Feel Sorry For People Who Have To Listen’: RFK’s Oddly Emotional Conversation With Chris Cuomo Is A Must-See

2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife, actress Cheryl Hines, joined Chris Cuomo for an interview on his self-titled NewsNation show Thursday, and boy was it deeper than anticipated.

RFK Jr. apologized to Cuomo for his voice during the conversation, which was injured in 1996, leading to a condition called spasmodic dystonia that gives the presidential candidate his unique speaking voice. When asked to explain his condition to the audience, RFK Jr. said something I never thought I’d hear a politician — or even a lawyer — ever say:

“It’s terrible for people to listen to. And, you know, I can’t listen to myself on TV. I will never, I will never hear this program, which is a blessing, I guess, but I cannot listen to it. And I feel sorry for the people who have to listen,” RFK Jr.

His response struck something inside me that, for the first time in my life, made me realize even politicians are people, too. And this feeling only grew as the conversation continued (or perhaps it’s just maternal instinct). (RELATED: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Warns ‘One Giant Corporation’ Wants To Own 60% Of US Homes By 2030. But We Can Stop Them)

Unlike in many previous interviews, even those including Hines, I felt like I was watching a conversation between two highly intelligent brothers, rather than a man campaigning for the presidency. This was probably helped by the fact Cuomo and RFK Jr. were brothers-in-law. RFK Jr.’s sister, Kerry Kennedy, was married to Cuomo’s brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

But don’t be mistaken: beneath the humanity is clearly a powerhouse of political knowledge. And despite their familial connection, Cuomo pushed RFK Jr. on his stance on things like vaccines. “I think, virtually 99% of the American public, if they understood my position, my real position on vaccines, not what has been talked about on the media, they would agree with me. All I say is we should have good science. We should have good safety studies. And people should have choice,” RFK Jr. replied. (RELATED: RFK Jr. And His Wife Went On Tim Dillon, And It’s A Must-Watch)

More than anything, Cuomo’s interview style proved to me RFK Jr. needs to be on a debate stage alongside President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. I do think RFK Jr. will pull votes from Trump. But if he was given an actual opportunity to speak to Democrats, I think he could pull more from Biden, especially after how absolutely terrible the last three years have been.

But then again, I can’t vote. And I think all politicians are pretty pointless since they can’t save us from any of the real threats facing our nation. So, who cares?



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