‘I is for Intifada’: Oakland teachers bombard students with anti-Israeli propaganda, promote Palestinian ‘resistance’

Teachers began bombarding children with left-wing propaganda denouncing Israel and promoting the Palestinian “intifada” as part of a “teach-in” in Oakland, California, on Wednesday.

Despite warnings from Oakland Unified School District Superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammell that curriculum containing anti-Semitic content is “unsanctioned,” the local teachers’ union, the Oakland Education Association, rejected the teach-in. I supported it.
report KTVU-TV.

johnson trammell
I felt stressed “The school district does not authorize this behavior,” the letter to parents, dated Dec. 4, states. I would like to make it clear that this is not the case.” Academic Officer, Dr. Sondra Aguilera; ”

The superintendent acknowledged that material “distributed and promoted as fact” by left-wing teachers was “harmful and divisive.”

The Auckland Education Association Group for Palestine provided teachers with:
promotional materials Targeted at kindergarteners through high school students.

One of the recommended
presentation It details the “goals of colonialism” and focuses on the process by which Israel and the United States allegedly steal land, destroy local cultures, dominate, and then normalize their actions.

presentationportrays Zionism as genocide and asks children, “Jews have experienced violence and ethnic cleansing for centuries, so why are Israeli Jews doing the same to Palestinians today?” Does it exist?”, it raises the question.

artistic activities It was originally created for American schoolchildren by the activist group Teaching While Muslims, whose goal is to educate “Palestinian culture and resistance through history and the present, with a focus on the resistance of Palestinian children.” It is about understanding and celebrating.

The activity, aimed at students from preschool through second grade, is “connecting the history of settler colonialism from Palestine to the United States.”

As part of this activity, children are given prompts such as: “Seventy-five years ago, many decision-makers around the world decided to take away Palestinian land and create a country called Israel. Israel would be a country with mostly fair rules.” “A white-skinned Jew. For the people. Do you know if there are any unfair rules where we live?”

coloring book As for the children included in the curriculum, he said: “Children like me continue to lose their homes to Zionist bullies, who constantly frighten and arrest them. “It has said.

A coloring book designed by the Palestinian Feminist Collective reads: “I will never forget that I am a Palestinian and I will never renounce my right to return.” “I will always try to find ways to help other Palestinians and free Palestine.”

The book’s exercises emphasize the “right” of Palestinians to return to land belonging to the Jewish state.

The New York Times pointed out that:
another book The OEA’s recommended title for Palestine is “P is for Palestine,” which tells young children, “I am Intifada, and intifada means standing up for what is right in Arabic. Children and adults alike!” .

In addition to being
asked to draw a picture “Zionist Leaders of Israel” students are also asked to make placards that say things like “Palestine will be free,” “Free Palestine,” and “Keep Gaza alive.” .

The teachers too
offered Hundreds of Palestinian “resistance” posters to share with your students. Turkish state media A video accusing Israel of “apartheid”.

KTVU reported that the unauthorized curriculum omitted any mention of the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, which was the largest attack on Jews since the Holocaust.

Despite all of the materials promoting anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian agendas, the Palestine OEA states at the top of the curriculum materials, “Our work does not involve recruiting students to a particular side.” “Israel and Palestine.” ”

Zahra Billou, President of the Regional Council on American-Islamic Relations Said KPIX-TV, “This is important. We need it to teach our kids about current events.”

Billoo In 2021, he called “Zionist synagogues” and various Jewish organizations “enemies.” report Jerusalem Post.

“Oppose polite Zionists,” Billou said. “They are not your friends.”

Mr Billoo said he was “excited” to hear the news of the teach-in.

Nate Landry, 40, a parent in the district who spoke on behalf of the teach-in organizers, argued that Palestinian propaganda served as a “fix” to the approved curriculum.
report New York Times.

Landry said at least 100 teachers were expected to attend.

Jacob Fowler, a teacher at Lincoln Elementary School, appears to be one of them.
called Ask other teachers to join the November 26th meeting YouTube video. Fowler argued that teachers are “lucky to play a small role in shaping the next generation” and should wield their power accordingly.

After the first series of classes Wednesday, district teacher and teach-in organizer Judy Greenspan said, “Interest is increasing by the minute.” report San Francisco Chronicle.

Shira Avos, an Israeli-American mother of a seventh-grader in the district, said her son planned to “show up and represent himself” against what she deemed “misinformation.” .

Avos noted that this is not the first time teachers in the district have confronted his son and other children with anti-Israel propaganda in recent weeks. According to his mother, her son’s English teacher displayed a post that expressed a desire for the destruction of Israel: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

“This is devastating for families in Oakland, especially Jewish families,” Rabbi Dovid Rabkowski of Chabad Oakland told KPIX.

“Education is about teaching right and wrong, morals, values. When you decide you don’t like what’s going on in the world and decide to put together a curriculum that teaches you about hating others, that’s it. Jews It’s about hating people,” Rabkowski said.

Josh Diamant, a teacher in the district. Said KTVU, “My biggest concern is that we are raising a generation of anti-Semites.”

KTVU said it remains unclear whether teachers who participated in the teach-in will be affected in any way.

As of 2022, the district has more than 34,000 students and 1,861 teachers.

according to According to Public School Review, the district’s public schools have an average math proficiency score of 21% and reading proficiency score of 56%.

Auckland union supports pro-Palestinian teach-in and says it will not be

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