‘I No Longer Shop at Target’

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) was among those who said he would no longer shop at Target because Target has become more left-leaning and proudly pushing transgender issues and indoctrination of children.

“Target could have decided not to join the culture wars, but instead decided to wage war on a large portion of its customer base,” Vance said in a social media post on Friday.

“I don’t shop at Target anymore. A lot of my family members seem to do the same,” he added, sharing information about Target’s stock price plummeting in the wake of the boycott.

In fact, Target has been under fire for weeks after the rollout of this year’s “Pride” collection, which was initially prominently displayed at the front of the department store. This year’s items included not only adult-oriented items, but a variety of items, from “tuck-friendly” swimwear to shirts that read “”.live laugh lesbians— but so are various items for children and babies.

Breitbart News detailed:

There is also a prominent Pride selection of child and baby. Department stores feature kigurumi and shirts that say “Bien Proud!” The colors of the “Progress Pride” flag, with additional colors for minority and transgender individuals. Baby bibs say, “I’ll always be proud of you,” and the store also sells a variety of other pride-themed items for kids and babies, from dresses to shoes to socks. We offer items.

Target apparently tried to save face after a viral video showcasing some of the most shocking items found in the Pride section, including transgender swimwear. The Associated Press claims Target is providing children with transgender clothing, a “tuck-in” structure that encourages confused men to “hide” their genitals to appear more feminine. Attempts to “fact-check” claims of swimsuits advertised as

Target spokeswoman Kayla Castaneda Said The Associated Press reported that the “tuck-friendly” bathing suits are only sold in adult sizes, as some people claimed the bathing suits were for children. However, some of the children’s swimwear in the Pride section are tagged as “fitting for a variety of body types and gender expressions,” so that doesn’t stop the company from questioning.

Target did not respond to Breitbart News’ request for comment on the meaning of the statement and did not explain what the term meant or what message the company was trying to convey.

The backlash has resulted in some stores moving the Pride section from the front to the back of the store. Target also ended its affiliation with Satanist designer Abplalen. Initially, from this brand he offered two designs.Cure transphobia, not transgender]tote bagtoo weird hereBoth are no longer available on Target’s website.

But this awakened company continues to proudly donate to GLSEN, an activist group dedicated to bringing the LGBT agenda into schools.

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