‘I Was on Jeffrey Epstein’s Jet Two Times’

On FNC’s “Jesse Watters Prime Time” on Tuesday, independent presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. addressed allegations that he had an affair with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

During his court appearance, Kennedy admitted to flying on Epstein’s jet twice.

“You’ve never been on Jeffrey Epstein’s jet, have you?” asked FNC host Jesse Watters.

“I’ve been on Jeffrey Epstein’s jet twice,” Kennedy replied. “I was in it in 1993, and I went to Florida with my wife and two kids to see my mom at Easter, and my wife had some sort of affair with Ghislaine Maxwell. He offered to drive us to the Palm’s beach. On another occasion, I flew to Rapid City, South Dakota, for a weekend of fossil hunting with our four children and my wife, Mary, but other than that, I was alone in his jet. I had never ridden one before. . You know, I’ve been very open about this from the beginning. ”

“This was 1993, so 30 years ago. This was before anyone knew about Jeffrey Epstein – you knew about his nefarious problems, I also agree that all of this information should be made public. We need to get real answers about what happened to Jeffrey Epstein and the high-level politicians he interacted with. Yes, all of that should be available to the public, and should be completely transparent. And I don’t see why these records would have redactions. Why hide it from the American public? That’s outrageous. I don’t think so.”

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