IDF says they captured 100 Hamas terrorists in north Gaza

A group of more than 100 Hamas terrorists were stripped to their underwear by the Israel Defense Forces on Saturday after handing over their weapons in the northern Gaza Strip, according to a video posted by an Israeli broadcaster.

N12 News They shared footage of men lining up across a rubble-strewn street in Jabaliya as IDF soldiers trained automatic weapons and ordered them to drop their weapons across the street. One of the men carefully crossed the street with an automatic rifle held above his head, then threw it into a pile of confiscated weapons.

“In Shejaiya and Jabariya, surrendered terrorists handed over their weapons and equipment,” IDF spokesman Maj. Gen. Daniel Hagari said on Saturday. era of israel The report added that many of the men told Israeli forces that the underground Hamas leadership “doesn't care about Gazans on the ground.”

Hagari said interrogations of captured operatives have already provided valuable information to the Israeli military and are “helpful in operational operations.”

meanwhile, Suga Public Broadcasting Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar fled from northern Gaza by hiding in a humanitarian convoy headed south at the start of fighting in October, according to a report on Saturday.

Israeli forces captured more than 100 Hamas terrorists who surrendered in northern Gaza on Saturday. 1717 Buzz/X
The footage shows the men being transported by truck in their underwear. 1717 Buzz/X

The report said Sinwar fled Gaza City and headed for Khan Yunis in southern Gaza in a vehicle that provided “humanitarian assistance”, adding that more precise details of the vehicle are prohibited from being published at this time. .

The report adds that, in Israel's assessment, Shinwar is still in Khan Yunis, or rather in one of the tunnels passing under it.

Earlier in the day, the IDF released a video of troops from the 931st Battalion of the Nahal Infantry Brigade fighting Hamas in northern Gaza.

100 Hamas terrorists were stripped to their underwear by the Israel Defense Forces after handing over their weapons. 1717 Buzz/X
N12 News published footage of men lining up across a rubble-strewn street in Jabaliya. 1717 Buzz/X

“The terrorists had prepared an ambush in the area and were preparing to attack our forces as they passed through the main road.” The IDF said in a statement:. “The troops arrived behind the enemy through one of the alleys, surprised them and opened fire on the terrorists.”

The Israel Defense Forces said Hamas gunmen opened fire and threw grenades at the troops.

On Thursday, the IDF released footage of dozens of Hamas terrorists surrendering to Israeli forces.

Israeli forces have captured dozens of Hamas terrorists who surrendered this week. 1717 Buzz/X

Photos of the surrender showed dozens of men sitting in rows with their hands over their heads.

As in Saturday's video, many of the men were wearing only undershorts as the IDF troops moved further along the closed road alongside other soldiers.

One video showed Hamas terrorists crowding into the back of an Israeli military vehicle.



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