Illinois Library Hosting ‘Pronoun’ Seminar for Children Considering Cross-Dressing, Sex-Change Surgery

An Illinois public library will hold a “pronouns” seminar for children who are considering cross-dressing or gender reassignment surgery.

north cook news report:

Wilmette Public Library and McKenzie Elementary School’s parent organization are co-sponsoring a seminar to teach children who are considering cross-dressing or gender reassignment surgery how to encourage other students to refer to them by different pronouns. There is.

This seminar includes “ children’s books about pronouns. A statement from the library describes Courtney and Lee as a lesbian couple from Chicago who are “committed to justice and inclusion for themselves and for all of their children.” Courtney prefers the pronouns “they/them,” while Lee prefers “she/her.”

“Courtney is an award-winning trauma psychologist with a really cool TEDx talk on dismantling the gender binary. Lee is a therapist who works with LGBTQ+ children and their families and co-founder of Mind Chicago. ” states the announcement.

Lee Wells advises parents on how to appropriately deal with children experiencing gender dysphoria without making them uncomfortable. A basic parent’s guide to gender-inclusive language, including the deletion of the words “boy” and “girl.” She also provides “‘parent coaching’ and ‘therapy’ to young people aged 6 to 26 who are dealing with ‘big emotions, worry (and) grief,'” according to North Cook News.

As Breitbart News has reported, there is a cultural shift in how children who identify as transgender are treated, with established institutions like England’s National Health Service (NHS) Puberty blockers are prohibited.

NHS England based its decision to ban puberty blockers in children on the basis that there was insufficient evidence of the treatment’s safety or clinical effectiveness. The UK government also supported the “landmark decision”, praising it as being in the “best interests of children”. NHS England proposed a ban on the surgery in June, and the final decision was taken after review by the National Institute for Healthcare Excellence (NICE).

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