Illinois officials find more than 100 dogs and cats living in deplorable conditions

About 100 cats and dogs were rescued from a Northbrook, Illinois, home that caught fire on Monday and now need homes.

When firefighters responded to the home fire, they found 43 dogs and 48 cats living in dire conditions.

Harleigh Garcia, founder and executive director of Border Tails Rescue in Northbrook, said animal control was in place by 10 p.m. when the situation became clear.

She said the crew worked until 3 a.m. and by 7 a.m. animal control officers contacted Border Tails Rescue.

“It was a very short timeline,” said Garcia.

Because Border Tails Rescue is a dog shelter, we were unable to adopt the 48 cats we found living in our home.

However, although all 43 dogs were accepted into Border Tails Rescue, most had some problems.

The dogs were all Chihuahuas and weighed between 5 and 9 pounds, but one weighed 17 pounds and was considered the mother.

The dogs were rescued, but being dog-only means that 48 cats still need homes.
Facebook/Border Tails Rescue

The shelter names all of its dogs after actors and actresses, and a 17-pound dog was named Meryl Streep.

According to Garcia, Streep was in hospice at an estimated age of 12, appeared to have never had medical attention, had a severe heart murmur, and had a large mass the size of a plum in his abdomen. .

Streep is part of a bond buddy with a cat named Robin Williams, and both dogs stay together in a foster home.

A dog curled up in a corner.
Most of the 43 dogs taken from home have some kind of health problem.
Facebook/Border Tails Rescue
Many of the dogs found were covered in fugitives from horrific living conditions.
Facebook/Border Tails Rescue

Many of my other dogs had flea, skin, hair and tooth problems.

All dogs must be spayed and neutered and will require a microchip when adopted.

Garcia explained that when her organization first heard about the situation, it didn’t flinch or get nervous.

Instead, they stepped in and worked tirelessly because the dog needed help, she said.

Of course, adopting 43 dogs is a lot of work.

In fact, Garcia estimates it costs about $25,000 to provide the dog with the care it needs.

The shelter hopes to return these puppies to good health and find them a permanent home.
The shelter hopes to return these puppies to good health and find them a permanent home.
Facebook/Border Tails Rescue

The shelter is funded by donations and adoption fees.

To help care for the 43 new residents, Border Tails Rescue is accepting donations on Facebook. The organization hopes to bring in $21,500.

Ultimately, Garcia said the goal is for all of the shelter’s dogs to find a forever home, not just this week’s 43 dogs.

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