‘I’m So Proud Of You For Coming Out As A Furry!’: Ex-Rep. Santos Continues To Fall Upwards With $500 Cameo Messages

Former Republican New York Congressman George Santos recently gained attention for charging $500 for each personalized message request on Cameo for a recent video dedicated to celebrating “furries.” continuing.

After being expelled from Congress on Dec. 1, Santos announced he was joining Cameo, a personalized video messaging platform. The platform allows users to pay a certain amount of money to celebrities and public figures who have registered on the site to read out clever messages written by the buyer. (Related: Who will succeed George Santos after his ouster?)

Within the first 48 hours, Santos reportedly collected more videos than his previous salary of $174,000. semaphores. Santos initially priced his videos at $75, but as interest grew, he increased the price and is now reportedly charging $500 per message. CBS Interview in NY.

“By the end of this week, we can say that's the case. We'll have made more money in seven days than we made in Congress in a whole year,” Santos told CBS NY.

Cameo founder and CEO Stephen Galanis told Semafor that Santos “is going to be an absolute whale” for the site, adding that Santos' launch will be a great addition to the platform. Said to be one of the best.

“Sarah Jessica Parker, Bon Jovi, he's putting up numbers like that,” Galanis told Semaphore.

The former congressman's recent video shows him celebrating “coming out in fur”, saying it's “great” to share his new persona as a “bastard cat”.

“Hi Heath. This is George Santos. I just wanted to let you know that I'm so proud of you for coming out as a furry and that all of your friends and family are accepting of you.” And they're all excited about your fursona, which is great to be beavers and platypus beavers,'' Santos said.

“So I'm telling you, we love you. Never bow your head. And never let anyone tell you what you can or can't do. Arby's Company I'm so proud that your agent gave you permission to go to work in your persona. So I wish you could live as perfectly as you want.”

Semaphore said Santos' videos range from encouraging words to insulting people. Democratic Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman recently asked Santos to post a cameo message of encouragement to embattled Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez. (Related: Fetterman hires George Santos to encourage Bob Menendez)

There is “financial gain” behind doing these videos, but the validity of living “forever” is proven.It is a positive “side” for Santos that other people are “forgotten in history,” the former congressman told Semafor.

“Obviously there’s a financial benefit – I’m not here for charity – but the other side is that these bastards who think they’re holier-than-thou They will be forgotten by history, and it's a reminder that I will live forever,” Santos told the magazine.



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