Immigration facility fire in border town kills at least 39, injures 29

Thirty-nine migrants were killed and 29 injured when a fire broke out at an immigration facility in the Mexican border town on Monday night. national public radio etc. have been reported.

US Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar said in a tweet in Spanish on Tuesday morning, “We join the pain of the families of the migrants and injured families who lost their lives in the Ciudad Juárez fire.” rice field.

“It is a reminder to governments in the region of the importance of fixing a broken immigration system and the risks of irregular immigration.”

According to Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, migrants started the fire themselves. wall street journal report. Some detainees reportedly set fire to mattresses in protest when they learned they would be deported.

“They never imagined it would cause this terrible tragedy,” Lopez Obrador said at a news conference.

An image of the scene shows what appears to be a parking lot, each lined up on the ground under a silvery metal-like sheet. The photos also show what appear to be law enforcement or military personnel, wearing fatigues, helmets, and other equipment, some with long guns.

Located near the Rio Grande River, Ciudad Juarez El Paso, TexasThis is a major transit point for immigrants of many nationalities seeking entry into the United States.

The Ciudad Juarez facility housed 68 men from Central and South America. Associated Press report. Many of those detainees Guatemalaan unnamed official told the outlet.

of National Institute of MigrationMexico’s immigration agency said in a statement that a complaint had been filed so it could investigate the cause of the fire. Axios report.

“This immigration office will promptly monitor changes in the health status of those hospitalized and provide full support to the victims’ families,” the institute said in a statement. texas tribune.

“The National Institute for Immigration strongly rejects the actions that led to this tragedy,” the statement said.

Mexico’s National Immigration Director, Francisco Garduño Yáñez, is visiting victims in a local hospital, according to INM’s Tuesday morning tweet. The tweet includes a photo of the victim being treated for injuries in a hospital.

The fire is the deadliest in Mexico’s recent history. Reuters reported on Tuesday.

Watch footage of the rescue operation provided by Rescue Team Ciudad Juárez to CNN-News 18 below.

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