Indiana AG calls for ‘care and prudence’ in complicated criminal case

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita issued a warning on the Delphi murder case, which has been clouded by confusion since authorities began investigating the murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German in February 2017. and caution.”

Last year, authorities charged Richard Allen, 51, with the Feb. 13, 2017 murders of Abigail, 14, and Libby, 13, who were killed on a hike along a river. disappeared from. Delphi’s Monon High Bridge Trail. Their bodies were discovered the next day, February 14, in a wooded area near the trail.

“These families deserve justice and closure for this heinous and heartbreaking murder,” Rokita said in a statement Tuesday. “Abby and Libby deserve justice. If this matter goes to the appellate court, as in all cases, we will take immediate action to ensure the rule of law is upheld.”

The attorney general filed a brief with the Indiana Supreme Court this week aimed at clarifying legal issues in the serial killer case, his office said in a press release.

Delphi murder case: Police investigate suspicions that photos of gruesome crime scene were leaked

Todd Rokita has called for “caution and prudence” over the 2017 Delphi murders. (Daron Cummings)

“We’re just advising the court on understanding the law, particularly case law, and we’re just trying to help the court adjudicate the warrant,” Rokita said. “Our office respects the authority and integrity of all legal and law enforcement professionals involved in this case. Ultimately, our primary concern is to ensure the proper and fair administration of justice. It’s what you do.”

Delphi murder suspect Richard Allen was not harassed by alleged cult members in prison, prosecutors say

The attorney’s comments came after Allen petitioned the Carroll County Courthouse to remove Judge Fran Gall from the case and reinstate attorneys Andrew Baldwin and Bradley Lozzi. Lawyers withdrew from the case after one of Baldwin’s former colleagues leaked confidential crime scene photos that were eventually released to the public.

Libby German and Abby Williams

On February 14, 2017, Delphi police recovered a cell phone from under Libby German’s body. The phone contained a 43-second video of Abigail Williams walking across the Monon High Bridge in Delphi toward Libby, with a man wearing a dark jacket and jeans walking behind her. (FOX Nation)

Both Gal and Rokita disagreed with Allen’s petition. Mr. Rokita cited Mr. Gall’s statement that Mr. Allen’s lawyers demonstrated “gross negligence and incompetence” in briefs filed Monday.

Delphi murder suspect Richard Allen confesses to killing two girls in prison: court documents

“A writ of mandamus to reinstate Mr. Allen’s former attorney is not warranted at this time,” Rokita said in a brief. “Because the claim was not clearly presented to the trial court, the conditions precedent for the writ were not met and appellate relief is appropriate. Even if the court considered the merits of Allen’s request, The record is not sufficiently prepared for the court to resolve the question. ”

richard allen portrait

Richard Allen was arrested in October 2022 for the 2017 murders of 14-year-old Liberty German and 13-year-old Abigail Williams. (Indiana State Police)

Allen’s lawyers said the suspect wanted a speedy trial in January rather than October as Gall had planned, and that Allen wanted to be represented by Baldwin and Lozzi. FOX 59 Indianapolis First reported.

The girls killed in the Delphi murders were sacrificed in a pagan cult ritual, defense claims

Before withdrawing from the lawsuit, Baldwin and Rozzi said in a 136-page memo filed in September that Libby and Abby’s deaths were part of a ritual sacrifice performed by members of a pagan Odinist cult in Indiana. He claimed that branches and other items were found there. At the scene of the girls’ murder, they were arranged in a pattern typical of Odinism.

prosecutors called charges “Colorful, dramatic” and “unprofessional”.

Officers escort Richard Allen from court

Police officers escort Richard Allen from the Carroll County Courthouse after a hearing on November 22, 2022 in Delphi, Indiana. (AP Photo/Daron Cummings, File)

Police recovered Libby’s cell phone from under her body on February 14, 2017, the day after the girls went hiking. Attached to the phone was a 43-second video showing Abigail walking across the Monon High Bridge toward Libby, with a man wearing a dark jacket and jeans walking behind her. According to the affidavit, a man could be heard ordering the girls to “get down the hill.”

Libby shot the video at 2:13 p.m., less than 25 minutes after she and Abigail’s family dropped them off at the trail.

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Prosecutors said evidence from the crime scene matched evidence police collected from Allen’s home in October 2022. executed a search warrant. They recovered a blue Carhartt jacket, a SIG Sauer P226 .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun, and a .40 caliber S&W cartridge in a “wooden keepsake box” in a dresser between two closets in the bedroom.

Delphi Murder Victim

On February 14, 2017, Libby German, 14, and Abby Williams, 13, were killed on a trail near Delphi, about 90 miles northwest of Indianapolis. (Indiana State Police)

The handgun recovered at Allen’s home matched the unused .40 caliber bullet police found at the murder scene in 2017.


Allen also allegedly spoke to his wife on the phone from prison and confessed to about five previous crimes.

A gag order issued to those involved in Allen’s case prevents lawyers and police from speaking publicly about the details of the murder or the charges against the suspect.



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