Influencers are feeling NYC in droves

The concrete jungle may not be what you dream of.

At least not for many content creators who have decided to trade the bustling Big Apple for a calmer lifestyle.

Paige Lorenz Boasts 410,000 followers on Instagramshe told The Post she thinks “we’ll see the waves.” people fleeing the city.

The 25-year-old from Vermont told The Post, nice. “

Lorenze throws away aesthetic sense big city lifestyle Bought a cozy cottage in Connecticut in September, Garavant in the 20’s in ManhattanHer exit, like many others, is proof that success and trendiness aren’t confined to New York City – despite what social media portrays.

Lorenze has amassed thousands of followers while living a seemingly lavish lifestyle in Manhattan.

Paige Lorenze in a pink suit
However, the influencer said that having lived in the city for years had left him “wearing out.”

Similarly, queer TikToker Victoria Paris, 23, grew her platform when she was known as “NYC’s only living girl,” regularly sharing apartment improvement projects, A small moment in her picturesque refuge.

Both can be defined as the epitome of Manhattan influencers — two of the hundreds that have already saturated social media.#nycvloghas amassed 404 million views on a platform that hundreds of users regularly make life in the big city more attractive. many of them Heavily endorsed by young Manhattan hopefuls.

But when hundreds of thousands of followers are founded on being New York City’s aesthetic influencers, leaving the so-called magical metropolis is a terrifying prospect.

“Being a New Yorker feels more like an identity than just a place,” Paris says. Who promotes 1.6 million followers on TikTok, told the Post. “It was really hard to accept that I could be happier elsewhere.”

Victoria Paris on fire escape
Paris, once “the only living girl in NYC,” according to her TikTok bio, recently made the switch to LA.

Paris, now in Los Angeles, moved to New York from North Carolina for college. Her love affair with the big city was only five years old, but her perception of what it was like to be a New Yorker was completely dismantled. According to her, TikTok has changed the trajectory of New York with an influx of young people romanticizing what life in the city is like.

Unlike their favorite creators, Paris said most people can’t “just get up and go to Pilates” or do “seven different outfits” a day. she. “It’s not really a true New Yorker experience. It’s just a chronic online capture of what New York is,” she added.

“I don’t think New York is for everyone,” says former ski racer and brand founder Lorenze. daily boy, adding that life in New York can be “really tough.” “It’s not Gossip Girl, it’s not Sex in the City.”

Outside Victoria Paris' house
After experiencing “soft stalking” from fans in New York, she’s now finding solace at home in LA.

Paige Lorenz on horseback
Everyone’s version of New York is different, but for Lorenze, it wasn’t enough to bring her small-town bravado and style to the Big Apple.

I mean, some people may not find Girl Gang. It seems strange in a bustling metropolis of over eight million people, but for TikToker’s girlfriend Callie Wilson, it’s “the loneliest place” she’s ever been to.

Wilson, who moved to New York for law school and then passed the bar exam, thought New York would be a “fun and magical place” where finding friends was as easy as breathing, according to the Post. New York actually makes her feel lonelier, after all.

“It’s weird because it seems like you like to fall in love, make friends in big cities, meet people and go on dates,” said the 25-year-old.

“I felt lonely there the whole time.”

Callie Wilson sitting in a restaurant overlooking the city
Wilson, who moved to the city to attend law school, moved to Los Angeles last week.
Instagram/@callie wilson_

Wilson, People with 1 million followers on TikTokrecalled taking an Uber in the city one day when the driver explained how superficial friendships in big cities can be. “He felt, ‘A lot of the time, your friends in New York are just the people you call to go to dinner, otherwise they’re just your dinner friends.’ .

Having struggled to make friends and found solace in a retail business at a high-end ski shop, Lorenze simply said, “Done it,” and was ready to escape the pressures of being a creator in New York. Do things you don’t want to do just for the sake of content.

I feel like there’s a certain level of, ‘I have to go out to dinner X times this week because I want people to think I’m busy,'” she explains, noting that people are always “proving something in New York. please give me.”

But how much does it cost? The price an influencer pays to appear to be busy and busy all the time is high, and a cost the “exhausted” Lorenze no longer wants to pay.Now she feels “relieved” after she left and she says she prefers rodeos fashion week anytime.

Victoria Paris on fire escape
Paris regularly posted clips of herself lounging on the picturesque fire escape.

Curry Wilson
Wilson said he understands why native New Yorkers struggle so much with transplants.
Instagram/@callie wilson_

“Like the New Yorkers who have lived there all their lives, we completely understand what makes New York an aesthetically pleasing place, frustrated with people being transplanted. Money,” Wilson said. , noted how “high stress” the city is.

She flew a shack to Los Angeles last week and is already noticing the lifestyle difference she’s been craving. She also has no fear of missing out when she chooses to spend the night. than exploring new york For all its worth. Instead of pedestrians screaming and car horns blaring, she began waking up to the gentle chirping of birds.

Lorenze believes more twenty-somethings will soon realize how “cool” suburbs can be.

“I see people coming back to the suburbs in their mid-20s, leaving New York and living like a slow life,” she thought. .”

The suburbs instill fear in cosmopolitans who equate the white picket fence with the death of youthful fun and entertainment, but Lorenze proves that a vivid life is possible, away from the city lights, and finds solutions. We also provide

“If you take enough girls out into the suburbs, no one will no lead a social life. ”

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