Info About Hunter Was Almost ‘Covered Up by a Deal That Made No Sense’ — Need Special Counsel for Joe

On Thursday's broadcast of Fox News Channel's “Hannity,” Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said that Hunter Biden's rejection of a plea deal would “release more information to the American people” and that “the deal It will no longer be hidden.” It didn't make sense. ” and called for the appointment of a “real special counsel” from outside the Justice Department to investigate President Joe Biden. “Because if it becomes just an impeachment concern, half the country won't believe it, and half the country will believe it.”

Dershowitz said: [relevant remarks begin around 1:55] “First of all, let’s remember who is responsible for bringing this to light. We must give credit to Judge Noreika. Judge Noreika has covered up everything with meaningless deals. …but she did the right thing. She sent it back, and as a result, even more information is now being released to the American public than before. As I said, I hope this results in the appointment of a real special counsel outside of the Justice Department to oversee the President of the United States, because if it becomes just an impeachment concern, the country's Half of you won't believe it, and half of you will believe it.”

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