Instagram model stalked Mason Mount after one-night stand

She lived up to her own evil hype.

Instagram model Orla Sloan, who calls herself ‘Devil Baby’, stalked English footballer Mason Mount after a one-night stand, inundated with calls from 21 different phone numbers. and admitted to threatening to “destroy it”.

A London magistrate’s court on Wednesday accused Mount, 24, and Scottish international Billy Gilmour, 21, of lying that they had impregnated him despite having never had sex, and Sloan, 21. ) announced that he had pleaded guilty to stalking.

She also admitted to harassing Chelsea team-mate Ben Chilwell, 26, who introduced them at a November 2020 party at Mount’s home. The Evening Standard said.

“Mr. Mount and Mr. Sloan slept together once,” prosecutor Jason Sheetal told the court after the party.

“There was communication between them for about six months, [before] Mr. Mount decided that the relationship would not progress any further. He has decided to cut contact with Ms Sloan,” he said.

“Devil Baby” Sloan slammed the number 21 on the photo mount after a one-night stand.

The prosecutor said, “When I informed Mr. Sloane about this, I was bombarded with messages,” according to Agence France-Presse.

“He started asking her to stop sending messages before blocking the number,” but “just got messages from the new number,” Sheetal said.

Pictured is Orla Sloan for social media photos.
Ms Sloan, pictured, stalked Ms Mount and her teammates after the midfielder dumped her after a one-night stand.
Aura Melissa/Instagram

The court said Sloan used at least 21 different phone numbers and even sent receipts to one of them to incite Mount.

“I don’t buy food anymore so I can get more numbers. I’ll be faster than you,” she wrote.

Some messages apologized, while others warned about Thrawn’s alter-ego “Devil Baby.”

“You and Ben [Chilwell] It will be destroyed,” she wrote in a letter. “Watch out for the demonic Baby Mason, I can transform in an instant.”

Sloan in a captivating social media photo.
In one message read in court, Ms Sloan (pictured) wrote, “Watch out for the devil Baby Mason.”
Aura Melissa/Instagram

Mr. Sloan allegedly stalked Mr. Mount from June to October 2022 and harassed Mr. Chilwell during the final week of the spooky campaign, making false stories about his sex life while creating an online collage. I admit to spreading it.

During the final weeks of unholy harassment, she also accused Gilmour online, claiming that Gilmour impregnated her and forced her to have an abortion.

Prosecutors said these allegations were “completely fictitious” and that Gilmour “has never had a close relationship with Ms. Sloane.”

Sloan is pictured in a London courtroom.
Ms Sloane, pictured, also spread the “totally fictional” story that Billy Gilmour impregnated her, the court heard.

Gilmore, who now plays for Brighton, said he ultimately had to cut contact with friends and female acquaintances on social media to protect himself from the stalker.

“The persistent contact that targeted not only me but my friends and family had a negative effect on me,” he said in a statement to the court, feeling “extreme stress” and a “sense of panic.” He recalled that he was attacked by

“I’m having trouble sleeping and taking sleeping pills. It’s had a ripple effect on my performance,” he said.

“For some time now, I’ve been getting frequent notifications of messages from Aura and contacts from people she’s been harassing. I was worried.”

Sloan was released on bail unconditionally after pleading guilty to stalking and harassment. She had been warned at the time of her sentencing that she could face a prison sentence, but her sentence has been postponed until June 20, according to AFP news agency.

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