Instagram’s Parent Company Lands on Watchdog’s ‘Naughty List’: It ‘Targets Teens’ with Harmful Content

The head of the household media watchdog this week put Meta and HBO on its 2023 holiday “naughty” list, saying both companies are targeting “children with harmful content” and what they can consume. said little was done to help parents manage their children's lives.

The Parent Television Media Council is list We also create a “great” list that highlights companies that have benefited families. Bentkey and AppleTV Plus made it to this year's “Amazing” list.

“In a world saturated with screens, children, teens, and their parents have a lot to navigate,” said Melissa Henson, vice president of the Parents Television Media Council. . “Meta and HBO aren't making this any easier for families by targeting youth with sexually explicit and other harmful content.” In our “Naughty & Nice List,” We aim to highlight companies that prioritize children and families, and companies that prioritize profits over children's safety. ”

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, says it “promotes child sexual exploitation, provides a platform for pedophiles, and publishes sexually explicit content and other harmful content that targets teenagers, especially teenage girls.” “The content we allow continues to be exposed by news outlets, whistleblowers, and lawsuits,” PTC said in a news release.

“Meth has been sued by the District of Columbia and 41 states alleging that its products are addictive and potentially harmful to children and mental health,” the PTC said. “If this growing body of evidence isn’t a wake-up call for greater accountability for meth, we don’t know what is.”

HBO has been “leading the effort to market explicit adult content to children and adolescents” with shows such as: Idols, naked attractions, and euphoriasaid PTC. Additionally, PTC's investigation found that “HBO's streaming platform Max has mediocre parental controls, allowing children to access the aforementioned shows and some of the most explicit streaming content on the market.”

PTC's 2023 study of streaming platforms found that AppleTV Plus “offered the most TV-G-rated original programming” among the top performers.

PTC said Bentkey, the Daily Wire's children's streaming platform, offers “safe and appropriate children's programming.”

“Bentkey has partnered with UP, Great American Family, INSP, Dove, Pure Flix, Angel Studios and more to produce and distribute family-friendly, fun fare that clearly meets audience demand,” PTC said. I added.

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