Intifada Chants Are Used as ‘Slogans of Resistance’ Some ‘Interpret as Calls for Violence’

On Friday’s “CBS Morning,” CBS News correspondent Lilia Luciano said that calls for “intifada” during “anti-war protests” are “words that some people chant as slogans of resistance,” but “can be interpreted as calls for violence.” Some people do,” he said.

“Anti-war protests are erupting on college campuses across the country, with some words being chanted as slogans of resistance and others being interpreted as calls for violence,” Luciano said.

She then played a video of people shouting, “There’s only one solution, the intifada revolution,” before saying, “As an example, the word ‘intifada’ is an Arabic word commonly used to describe uprisings.” , which also refers to previous chapters of the Intifada. Deadly clashes between Palestinians and Israelis. ”

Mr. Luciano also played a video by Ahmed Fuad Al-Khatib, non-resident senior fellow with the Scowcroft Middle East Security Initiative of the Atlantic Council Middle East Program. He noted that the intifada was full of violence and bloodshed, including suicide bombings against Israel.

She also said that a “professor at Columbia University who is a Jewish professor” told her, “This really means revolution. The students are just calling for a revolt against what’s happening in Gaza. So the language… “It’s very important to understand the intent.” But she wants people to think about how they can interpret the “intifada.”

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