Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds Protects Americans and Progressives Complain

Progressives backed by the business community are criticizing Republican politicians in Iowa for passing a general law that partially protects Americans from President Joe Biden’s massive influx of immigrants.

The protection law signed by Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds is a ‘ridiculous political stunt’ claimed of Iowa Immigrant Movement for Justice, government-funded Advocacy and legal organizations for immigrants:

Welcoming immigrants and refugees is the definition of what “Iowa Nice” should be…Iowa politicians perpetuate partisan campaign rhetoric, incite fear in immigrant communities, and create fear and opposition. They brought this nonsense forward into an election year to capitalize on immigrant sentiment and mobilize voters. . Immigrant rights groups are ready to fight back and work to prevent enforcement of this unconstitutional law. We all belong here, we know that Iowa is home, and we will come together as workers, families, and allies to protect each other.

Iowa’s rural economy is deeply shaped by meatpacking companies that fill towns with immigrants who process food from local farms. This influx of foreign workers will help expand the agricultural industry, but it will also suppress wages across the state and drive up local rents.For example, a cashier worker at a retail store earns approximately $39,000 Meat-cutting workers in Storm Lake make just under $16 an hour each year, he said.

Reynolds signed the protection bill on April 10, stating:

The Biden administration is failing to enforce our nation’s immigration laws, putting the protection and safety of Iowans at risk. Illegal immigrants are breaking the law, yet Biden refuses to deport them. The bill would give Iowa law enforcement the power to do what he doesn’t want: to enforce immigration laws that are already on the books.

Iowa law allows police and judges to pressure illegal immigrants to leave the state. But it would not deter Biden migrants who have obtained legally questionable work permits or parole documents from Biden’s pro-immigration border secretary.

The fate of the Iowa law is tied to a similar law in Texas that forces police in Texas to enforce the state’s version of federal immigration law, which Biden’s lawmakers have ignored.

The Iowa law is probably very popular. report:

73% of likely Iowa voters want the state to require all employers to use the federal electronic E-Verify system to ensure only legal workers are hired for U.S. jobs. I think it should be mandatory. Only 14% oppose mandating E-Verify, and the remaining 10% are unsure…survey of 925 Iowa voters by Rasmussen Reports and NumbersUSA April 5, 2023 It was held from the 9th to the 9th.

But corporate-backed opponents have plenty of time to persuade judges to put the law on hold before it takes effect.

Critics typically emphasize claims, illegal activity, and potential financial harm to CEOs and investors, rarely considering the interests of the American people.

ACLU complainedThe law, scheduled to go into effect on July 1, 2024, would give police the power to arrest people based on their federal immigration status and ask an Iowa judge to deport or deport them before they have a chance to seek humanitarian protection. He orders that he be imprisoned. They have that right. ”

“A coercive ‘arrest and deport’ approach to immigration policy should be rejected in favor of something more flexible,” said Anthony Pahnke, vice president of corporate affairs. groupFamily Farm Defenders.

But one prominent critic admitted that ordinary Americans simply prefer a culturally diverse and chaotic society to prosperity.

“When I was growing up, this town was relatively prosperous, with union meat cutters and independent farmers.” Admitted Art Cullen, editor of “ storm lake times pilot.

But after unions were destroyed and wages cut, he wrote on April 12: [Iowa’s] Storm Lake is getting used to being multilingual. [diversity]. Many of us enjoy it. “The City Beautiful” is a much more interesting place than it was when it was all white…now it’s a richer place in that there are Buddhist temples. ”

Iowa’s establishment media focuses more attention on illegal immigrants than on the many ordinary Americans who are marginalized and impoverished by imported labor. For example, on April 15th, Death Mointer Register Posted Article about the impending closure of Tyson Foods’ 1,276-employee meat packing plant in Perry, Iowa. The article’s headline read, “Tyson gives immigrants, refugees a foothold in America. When the Perry factory closes, where will they go?” and declared:

In January 2006, Ignacio Calderon celebrated his 10th anniversary at Tyson Foods in Perry. Calderon was 36 years old, married and had four young children. A native of Michoacán, Mexico, his 10 years of steady work and decent pay at a pig factory gave him the opportunity to put down roots in central Iowa. He bought Perry a house and a car. And even more so in five years, he and his wife will be welcoming their fifth child.

That’s why this news Permanent factory closure I hit him hard. Calderon, now 53, said he never imagined that the company he devoted nearly half his life to would close permanently and that his livelihood would be replaced by uncertainty. “It was a big surprise for all of us,” Calderon said in an interview in Spanish. “We were all stressed and sad. This was tough, but none of us expected something like this to happen.”

The paper pointed out that:

Nearly 70% of employees at the Tyson plant in Perry are Black and Latino, said Roger Kyle, president of Food and Commercial Workers Local 1149, which represents 700 to 800 of the plant’s employees. …These numbers reflect Tyson employees across the United States.made of Over 60% are minorities and over 39% are women.according to the company’s 2023 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission annual report.

recent tyson announced It is employment Some of Biden’s new immigrants are coming to take jobs in Tennessee to replace laid-off Perry workers.

Meat packaging companies are generally reluctant to purchase high-tech meat packaging products. machine That would make American workers even more productive, since immigrant labor is cheap and disposable.of wall street journalI report On April 15th, butchers spent only approx. 5 percent In contrast, European meat processors have invested heavily in automation and robots, resulting in higher wages for their employees.

In 2017, Karen won the Pulitzer Prize award For aggressively reporting on meat processors’ dependence on cheap foreign labor. He laid out that approach in his April 12th article.

This is Storm Lake, which is rich in immigrants from all over the world. The town is building a new school with strong support from voters. St. Mary’s Catholic Church is revitalized by Latinos. Mexican artists are exhibiting another mosaic mural, this time at Buena Vista University. At Tyson, we work hard on our lines to produce pork and turkey faster and on the meat budget.

Lake Avenue has plenty of gourmet options to satisfy any palate. Immigrants worked in the carpentry, electrical, and plumbing industries. Their children perform in school plays, excel on soccer and soccer fields, and hope to attend Buena Vista University. Immigrants include firefighters, nurses, school board and city council members, and community volunteers.

Article from 1995 explained How the use of immigrant labor changed prosperous Storm Lake:

of [1982] Migration from high grade [Hygrade Food Products Corp.] Until IBP [Inc.] had a huge impact on Storm Lake [meatpacker] Labor force. As they themselves described, high-grade workers represented a stable local workforce that enjoyed high wages and strong union representation. They embodied the “old” Storm Lake in many ways: a white European population, working-class values, and a contentment with rural life that encouraged deep roots in the community. .

In contrast, IBP, one of the so-called new meat processors, cuts wages and benefits, increases productivity, neutralizes unions, has high employee turnover, and employs an immigrant and refugee workforce. increased dependence on. When the IBP opened in 1982, he said, few high-grade workers were hired, and new workers arrived from global labor markets that increasingly bore no resemblance to locals.

Karen’s article does not mention the burden on native-born Americans. But immigration is good for local banks and American investors who own land, he says.

Even as it stands today, immigration has certainly had a positive impact on Storm Lake.Brown [a local fmailty descended from 19th century immigrants] The Schaller family is Irish, the Dvergstens family is Norwegian, and the Schaller family is from Alsace-Lorraine. Now they own three banks on Storm’s Lake and help newcomers start a new life just as their ancestors did.

Extract migration

Since at least 1990, the federal government has relied on extractive migration to grow the consumer economy after helping investors move high-wage manufacturing jobs to low-wage countries.

Immigration policies rob poor countries of vast human resources.Additional workers, consumers and renters boost stock prices By lowering American wages, subsidizing less productive businesses, raising rents, and inflating real estate prices.

This economic policy deprived many mainland-born Americans of careers in a variety of business fields, reduced American productivity and political influence, slowed high-tech innovation, reduced trade, and Society has become inconvenient. solidarity of citizensAnd he encouraged government officials and progressives to ignore the policy. increased mortality rate of abandoned american.

Policy too worst It creates jobs and wealth from the core states by providing coastal investors and government agencies with large numbers of low-wage workers, high occupancy rates, and consumers of government assistance. Similar policies have affected citizens in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Policies like colonialism harmed small countries and killed hundreds of Americans and thousands of immigrants. Taxpayer-funded jungle trail Through the Darien Ditch in Panama.