Iowa Mother and Grandfather Allegedly Abandoned Newborn in Ditch

An Iowa woman and her father were charged with first-degree murder after a dead newborn was found in a ditch.

Norwalk Police said Megan Stoude, 25, and her father, Rodney, were killed after a March 9 search in which law enforcement and volunteers found a dead newborn along a 5,300-block road in Delaware. Stoude, 64, has been arrested on a first-degree murder charge, Warren County Street.

Police said they made the horrifying discovery after being contacted “with concerns about the safety of children in Norwalk.”

Information disclosure: 2023/3/13

Contributor Norwalk Iowa Police Department upon Monday, March 13, 2023

Des Moines Register report This information came to me on March 8th from one of Megan Staude’s colleagues.

Citing court documents, The Register reported that Megan Stoude confessed to not caring for her child after she gave birth on February 24.

Associated Press report Police had seen text messages between Staude and her colleague that purportedly indicated the child was alive when he was abandoned.

Law enforcement officers received information from a colleague of Megan Staude on March 8, leading to the discovery of the body.On March 13, a witness showed authorities a text conversation with Megan Staude, in which A witness asked her, “Was the baby alive when you left him?” She replied, “a little,” according to her complaint.

of APs Both suspects reportedly claimed their children died after being delivered at home and before they could see a doctor. Megan Stoude told officers she buried her child in a cemetery, but a search yielded no evidence that she was buried there.

of register Rodney Stoude initially denied knowledge of the child’s death, but later changed his story and allegedly helped police find the remains.

Norwalk Police Chief Greg Staples said it was “just a tragic situation on many levels”. register“That baby didn’t have the choice to decide his fate, and now people are in jail because of it.”

An investigation is ongoing and both Staudes are held in bonds of $1 million each. registerr.

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