Iran After Launching Missile Barrage At Israel


Iran today launched armed drones and missiles against Israel, marking a new and volatile phase in the Middle East conflict. The attack was in retaliation for an attack in Syria that killed a senior Iranian military officer, and is the first time Iran has attacked Israel from its soil.

Iran said in a statement that the attack was carried out in self-defense against Israeli military “aggression.” The statement said the action was a “legitimate” defensive response to the attack on Damascus, which Israel has not acknowledged, and suggested it was a warning. He also warned the United States to stay away from the conflict.

“On April 14, 2024, the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran carried out a series of military attacks against Israeli military bases in response to the exercise of the inherent right of self-defense recognized in Article 51 of the Charter. “The repeated military incursions led to the martyrdom of Iranian military advisors in Syria,” Iran’s mission to the United Nations said in a statement.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran reaffirms its commitment to the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter and international law and is determined to vigorously defend its sovereignty, territorial integrity and national interests against any unlawful use of force or aggression. I would like to reiterate this.” he added.

The country also reiterated that it would launch further attacks if Israel did not stop its actions.

Iran stated, “The Islamic Republic of Iran will not hesitate to take further necessary defensive measures to protect its legitimate interests against any act of military aggression or illegal use of force.”

Sirens wailed and Reuters reporters in Israel said they heard loud thuds and bangs in the distance from what local media called an aerial interception of an explosive drone. Authorities said a 7-year-old girl was seriously injured.

Israeli military spokesman Maj. Gen. Daniel Hagari said Iran fired dozens of surface-to-surface missiles toward Israel, most of which were intercepted outside Israel’s borders. It is said that more than 10 cruise missiles were among them.