Irish Woman Loses $820,000 Injuries Claim After Being Seen Tossing Christmas Tree

The woman claimed that the pain continued while she was participating in the competition.

An Irish court has dismissed Camila Grabska’s $820,000 injury claim after she was photographed throwing a five-foot spruce at a charity event in January 2018. .

Mr. Grabska, 36, sued his insurance company, claiming the Feb. 3, 2017 crash left him with constant pain in his neck and back. guardian report.

The mother of two said the injuries she sustained in the accident have hampered her ability to work, be active with her children and perform basic household chores for more than five years.

However, at a recent hearing, a photo was presented in a national newspaper that appeared to show Mrs. Grabska participating in a Christmas tree throwing competition on January 8, 2018, and ultimately winning.

Judge Carmel Stewart dismissed the case based on this inconsistency. The judge said the “very graphic photographs” influenced her sentence. “It’s a very large natural Christmas tree and she throws it with great agility,” she said, according to the Irish Independent, according to the Guardian.

“Unfortunately, I have to conclude that the allegations were completely exaggerated,” the judge added. “On that basis, I propose to dismiss the claim.”

According to SWNS, the woman claimed that the pain continued while she was competing. She also quit her job after the accident, after which she became disabled, she said.

In total, Ms. Grabska calculated past losses of approximately $541,615 and projected injury earnings.

She refuted accusations that she had faked her injuries, insisting she was simply “trying to live a normal life”, according to reports in the Irish Independent and the Guardian.

Additionally, a video was shown in court showing a woman training a dog outdoors for more than an hour in November 2023, along with photos of Grabska participating in a tree-throwing competition.



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