Is Dan Snyder Selling The Washington Commanders? Or Is He Actually Playing 4D Chess?


Who else was expecting to see the news Nov. 2 that Dan Snyder wants to sell the Washington Commanders?

Or maybe it’s that he just wants to sell a minority interest?

Or is this man just playing outright strategic 4D chess?

Whatever’s going on, Dan Snyder has certainly caused a stir.

Snyder has received at least four calls from organizations who could potentially buy the team, Forbes reported, citing a person familiar with the situation. The sale could be for the Commanders team as a whole, or otherwise possibly a minority stake, according to the outlet.

And then there was the news Dan and his wife Tanya brought in Bank of America Securities to help them in exploring a potential sale.

Questions arose regarding whether Snyder will sell his whole franchise or a piece of it:

On paper, it looks like Dan Snyder is about to sell his NFL team and, understandably, Washington Commanders fans seem ballistic about the news. Hell, who can blame them with the bad football they’ve had to endure since… has anybody actually kept count?

Here’s the thing, though: you can’t help but be skeptical Snyder isn’t playing 4D chess. We’re all aware, including Snyder, that the D.C., Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area won’t give him a new stadium. So, how else is he going to pull it off?

By bringing in a minority-share owner to help you pay for the stadium, giving a metaphorical middle finger to both the DMV and National Football League (and everybody else at this point), you’re outwitting everyone with a superior chess move.

On Dan Snyder’s part, it would actually be brilliant.

Now, is he actually smart enough to pull something off like that?

Who the hell knows. He’s avoided selling the team up until this point, so maybe. (RELATED: Something Actually Happened During The NFL’s Trade Deadline, And It Was Absolutely Incredible To Witness)

If he does pull off a scenario like that, all the credit in the world should go to that kind of genius.

But it probably makes the DMV natives quite sad. Snyder has caused so much damage to the Washington franchise that there are more Cowboys fans throughout the DMV than there are fans of the Commanders. And there’s truly only one person you can blame: Dan Snyder. And now, fans may be stuck with him for even longer.

This was once a franchise that was in the mix every year. At one point, they were a franchise who would win a Super Bowl every few years — look at their run in their Super Bowl-winning decade, grabbing victories in XVII (1983), XXII (1988) and XXVI (1991). Since then, they’ve been sh*t. It’s just sad, all because of that little prick Dan Snyder

Just sell the team, Dan.

Regardless of the outcome, however, grab your popcorn. This should be good.

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