Is Jason Kelce Going To Be A Part Of WWE’s Iconic WrestleMania?

WrestleMania is already set to be legendary, but there could be some extra spice added to it.


That’s because future NFL Hall of Famer and Super Bowl champion Jason Kelce could appear. (Related: Hooray! WWE Superstar Finn Balor Shows Off an Absolutely Terrible ‘Easter Egg’)

Reports are circulating the news cycle that the Philadelphia Eagles legend is in talks with WWE to attend WrestleMania 40 this weekend at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

The report comes from Shaun Ross of Fightful Select, says Kelce and the sports entertainment giant are in talks about the possibility of Kelce making some sort of appearance on “Mania” (possibly more than just an appearance). And for those wondering, yes, Fightful is very reliable. I can personally say this as a fan of professional wrestling.

It would be pretty cool to have Jason Kelce at WrestleMania, but I’m obsessed with this Bloodline story. 99% of my attention is there.

As a huge fan of Roman Reigns and the rest of the Anoa’ai family, there are a lot of things that interest me. Who will win the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship? What will happen to The Rock and The Bloodline after Mania? What will happen to Cody Rhodes? Will Jacob Fatu make his debut as a new member of the faction?

Oh, this must be a good thing – it’s like listening to The Final Boss’ new theme while swimming in the glory of The Bloodline reasserting its dominance.

Accept that, Cody crybaby.



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