Israeli Commandos Kill Hamas Operatives Using Drones And Grenades

The incident occurred in Khan Yunis.

As the Israel-Hamas war intensifies, new footage has surfaced online showing Israel’s elite Egoz commandos using drones and grenades to kill a group of Hamas operatives in the southern Gaza Strip. new york post.

The short 28-second clip shows the aftermath of a gunfight between IDF soldiers and two Hamas operatives who had taken shelter inside a building in Khan Yunis. Israeli forces used drones to pinpoint the gunman’s exact location among the rubble as operatives took shelter inside the crumbling building.

Special forces then managed to kill a Hamas member by carefully throwing a grenade through a window. A quick look reveals the bodies of Hamas operatives and the weapons they may have been carrying.

In another incident caught on camera, Egoz forces reportedly used a “pressure cooker” strategy to eliminate two operatives in another part of Khan Yunis by firing nonstop inside a building. In the aftermath, footage showed Israeli Defense Force soldiers investigating the structure and firing multiple shots as they passed through each room until they found the dead Hamas operative.

The Israel Defense Forces said special forces discovered a weapons cache during the raid that included numerous Kalashnikov rifles, magazines, grenades and explosives.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces and Palestinian militants clashed across the Gaza Strip over the weekend, both sides said in February, as mediating countries sought common ground for a possible ceasefire to free hostages held by Hamas. It was announced on the 25th.

However, while Israel has announced plans to expand its mop-up operations to annihilate Hamas, the Islamist group remains steadfast in its demand for a permanent end to the nearly five-month war, and is determined to ensure a ceasefire. The outlook looked uncertain. , according to Reuters.

According to Gaza medical officials, about 30,000 Palestinians have died in the war. According to official tallies, 1,200 Israelis were killed in the Hamas attack on October 7, and 241 soldiers were lost in the ensuing ground war in Gaza.



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