Israeli Media Puzzled by DeSantis Claim He Rescued Potential Hostages

CLAIM: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) said “if we hadn’t taken action” to bring Americans home from Israel, “there could have been more hostages.”

Verdict: Mostly wrong. No hostages were taken after October 7, even though Hamas terrorists are still hiding in Israel.

DeSantis took a question about Israel at the third Republican presidential primary debate in Miami, Florida, on Wednesday night, praising his accomplishments. send a plane One week after the outbreak of war, we travel to Israel to bring stranded Floridians back to the United States.

The move was meant to draw a contrast with the Biden administration, which is struggling to provide a way to return home for Americans whose flights have been canceled. However, many Americans remained in Israel after October 7, where there was no further risk of taking hostages.

era of israel I got it. Mr. DeSantis’s claims contain some confusion.

“The Floridians were still there after the attack. [US President Joe Biden] left them stranded. They were unable to get the plane to depart. We competed for resources in Florida. I sent a plane to Israel and brought over 700 people back to safety. If we hadn’t taken action, there could have been more hostages,” DeSantis said. “We acted and saved lives.”

But since October 7, no one has been kidnapped in Gaza, which is why DeSantis said the chartered flight he helped arrange prevented additional hostages from being taken to Gaza. It is unknown whether it was.

The Biden administration also organized its own chartered planes and ships to help evacuate American citizens after the outbreak of war.

In theory, there was a small risk. Hamas terrorists, who invaded Israel on October 7 and took more than 240 hostages and killed more than 1,400, left behind a small number of infiltrators. However, by then Israel was on high alert.

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