Israeli Troops Find Weapons Inside Large Teddy Bear in Gaza School

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) troops discovered weapons hidden inside teddy bears inside a school in the Gaza Strip on Friday. This is the latest example of Palestinian terrorists using civilian infrastructure to conduct their operations, which is a war crime.

Footage released by the Israel Defense Forces shows Israeli soldiers entering a dark storage area and tearing apart a large teddy bear to reveal a large rifle and boxes of ammunition.

Another video taken from a nearby school shows Israeli Defense Force soldiers discovering weapons in a classroom, including a special weapon meant only for Palestinian refugees from a decades-old war. This includes the contents of the bag of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

The IDF said in a statement:

During yesterday's operation by the 551st Division, a large teddy bear containing a sniper rifle and ammunition was discovered inside the school.

Additionally, weapons were found hidden in classrooms at a nearby school, some hidden in UNRWA bags.

Terrorist organization Hamas is using children's games to hide weapons while intentionally putting children in Gaza at risk. During the war, weapons were found hidden in children's belongings and playgrounds: in girls' backpacks, under children's beds, at schools, in playgrounds.

The IDF added:

Israeli Defense Force soldiers engage a terrorist group in the Shujaiyah school area. A gunfight ensues and all the terrorists in the cell are killed. Troops continued searching the area around the school and found numerous AK-47 rifles, hand grenades and ammunition inside classrooms.

Additionally, the Israel Defense Forces said Hamas fired rockets at Israeli civilians from within a designated “humanitarian zone” in Almawashi in the southwestern Gaza Strip on Friday, and Israel said civilians and relief agencies were being evacuated from danger. He insisted that I should go there. It was the second time that Hamas risked the lives of civilians in the hope of protecting themselves from an attack by the IDF.

The Israel Defense Forces said the rockets were fired toward Tel Aviv.

The Israel Defense Forces also released footage of a battle with terrorists who tried to set up an ambush in the Jabaliya area in the northern Gaza Strip. (Breitbart News cannot publish this footage because it ends with two bodies belonging to Hamas terrorists).

The IDF said in a statement:

As part of the operations of the Nahal Brigade in Jabaliya, troops of the 931st Battalion received information about the presence of Hamas terrorists and the presence of weapons in nearby structures. As a result, the military launched targeted attacks on these structures.

The terrorists were in ambush in the same area and were preparing to attack our forces as they passed through the central traffic route. The troops flanked the enemy through one of the alleys, ambushing them and opening fire on the terrorists. Terrorists counterattacked our troops and threw grenades. The gunfight continued until the terrorists were eliminated.

Additional terrorists were eliminated by troops of the 931st Battalion in encounters in the same area over the past few days, revealing weapons and terrorist infrastructure. Additionally, several terrorists were eliminated by tank fire and IAF UAVs.

Since the invasion of Gaza began several weeks ago, the Israeli Defense Forces have suffered 97 deaths and eliminated the majority of Hamas forces.Hamas claimed It announced that Israeli hostage Sahar Baruch, 25, was killed during a rescue operation this week and released a video showing her body. Israeli sources claimed that Hamas tortured and executed Barak for propaganda purposes and blocked future rescue efforts.

Early in the war, Hamas claimed that an Israeli female hostage had been killed in an Israeli airstrike. When the IDF recovered her body near Shifa Hospital, tests concluded that she had been murdered.

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