Israel’s UN ambassador slams Soros for donations to pro-Hamas groups seeking destruction of Jewish state

Billionaire left-wing activist George Soros has come under heavy criticism from Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations for funneling more than $15 million to a network of non-governmental organizations that allegedly support Hamas.

“George Soros’ donations to groups that seek the destruction of the state of Israel as a Jewish state are shameful. But I am not surprised,” Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan told FOX News Digital.

Hamas launched a full-scale invasion of southern Israel on October 7, resulting in the mass killing of 1,200 people, including more than 30 Americans. Hamas also took over 200 hostages. American citizens were among the civilians kidnapped by the jihadist terrorist organization.

“For years, Mr. Soros has supported and transferred funds to organizations that support BDS in their efforts to isolate Israel,” said Erdan, who has led a U.N. diplomatic campaign to expose Hamas’ crimes against humanity. he added. “They were never about real peace or a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Experts allege Biden administration is suspected of aiding and abetting Palestinians’ “payment of murder” to benefit terrorists in Hamas deal

George Soros and Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan (Fabrice Coffrini/AFP via Getty Images/Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

BDS is the abbreviation for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Campaign Targeting the Jewish State. German and Austrian parliaments have classified BDS as an anti-Semitic movement similar to the Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses during the early stages of the Holocaust.

Rachel Ehrenfeld, author of “The Soros Agenda,” told Fox News Digital that “support for pro-Hamas and pro-Palestinian groups in the United States is not limited to foreign groups. are also provided directly and indirectly.George. Alexander Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF) is one such organization. ”

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators march in New York City

On November 10, 2023, more than 1,000 pro-Palestinian demonstrators marched from Columbus Circle through Midtown Manhattan neighborhoods, eventually arriving at Grand Central. (Steven Yang, Fox News Digital)

“Soon after settling in the White House, Biden appointed Robert Malley as special envoy to Iran,” Ehrenfeld wrote in his book. “Murray is the former chairman and CEO of the Soros-funded, Brussels-based International Crisis Group, which, like Soros, has criticized Israel and praised Hamas. .”

The United States and the European Union have designated Hamas a foreign terrorist organization. A number of recent investigations have claimed to show that OSF funnels large sums of money to virulently anti-Israel NGOs that are allegedly pro-Hamas.

pro-Palestinian demonstrators

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators march from Columbus Circle through Midtown Manhattan neighborhoods and finally arrive at Grand Central on November 10, 2023. (Steven Yang, Fox News Digital)

In October, Fox News Digital reported on Biden’s currently suspended envoy to Iran, Marriage, for promoting ties to the U.S.-designated terrorist organization Hamas and Lebanon-based Hezbollah.

Israeli authorities sound alarm over certain political priorities of Soros’ son: ‘a replica of his father’

“There’s a lot of misinformation about them. … I talk to them and my colleagues talk to them.” [Hamas]And now, although we may not agree with them, they have their own rationality…None of them are crazy. ” Marie said in the movie “Culture of resistance”.

The New York Post reported last month that Soros has donated more than $15 million to anti-Israel and anti-Israel groups. transporting water for Hamas purposes.

Student group holds pro-Palestinian rally in suburban Colombia

Pro-Palestinian rally at Columbia University (Tenny Sahakian/Fox News)

OSF donated $13.7 million to the California-based Tides Center, many of whose donors are reportedly nonprofit groups justifying the disappearance of the Jewish state.

Tides supports the Illinois-based Adara Justice Project, which posted on Instagram a photo of bulldozers tearing down Israeli security fences on the day of Hamas’s bloody massacre. “Israeli settlers believed they could trap 2 million people in the open indefinitely,” he posted with the caption. A prison in the air…no cage is unchallenged. ”

Nir Oz's bloody hands

Bloody handprints were left on the wall of Nir Oz’s house after Hamas terrorists attacked this kibbutz near the Gaza border a few days ago. (Alexi J. Rosenfeld/Getty Images)

A spokesperson for the London-based OSF declined to answer questions from multiple Fox News Digital reporters about whether Soros’ charity empire, OSF, considers Hamas a terrorist organization.

However, an OSF spokesperson said: “The Open Society Foundations categorically condemns the brutal attack on the Israeli people on October 7th. We condemn the lives lost, those injured and those taken hostage. We grieve for them and their families, as do so many others around the world today.” I also feel the same pain for the Palestinian people, whose lives are tragically increasing in the conflict.”

Critics say UN called for silence over Hamas rape, mutilation and murder of Israeli women

Crowd of pro-Palestinian demonstrators holding placards outside Portland City Hall

In downtown Portland, pro-Palestinian protesters held signs that read, “When people are occupied, resistance is justified!” (Hannah Rae Lambert/Fox News Digital)

“There must be accountability for the war crimes and violations of humanitarian law that occurred,” the OSF spokesperson added.

When asked about accusations that OSF funds pro-Hamas NGOs, an OSF spokesperson said, “Some of our grant recipients have different viewpoints and there are always disagreements; , our funding strategy has evolved over 20 years.

professional Palestinian protests

An anti-Israel sign reads “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free” at a protest at Tulane University in New Orleans. The phrase has been criticized as a call for Israel’s destruction. (Credit: Ryan Zamos)

In 2007, Soros wrote an op-ed in the Financial Times criticizing the US and Israeli governments for not recognizing Hamas as the legitimate government in the Gaza Strip.

OSF also funds two progressive NGOs, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and IfNotNow. On the day Hamas massacred 1,200 people, the JVP issued the following statement: “The root of all this violence” was “Israeli apartheid and occupation, and America’s complicity in its oppression.”

Witness to Terrorism: How Hamas radicalized Palestinians for genocidal attacks against Israel

Israeli soldier kneeling

Israeli soldiers are continuing door-to-door searches for Hamas terrorists in crowded areas of northern Gaza following a deadly Hamas-led terrorist attack last month. (IDF)

The Jewish NGO’s name is misleading, mainstream anti-Semitism experts claim. “Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is a radical anti-Israel and anti-Zionist activist group that advocates for the boycott of Israel and the eradication of Zionism,” the Jewish NGO Anti-Defamation League wrote.

Zionism is the founding philosophy of the Jewish state.

The ADL added: “The JVP does not represent the mainstream Jewish community and is viewed by the Jewish community as biased in its relationship with Israel.” OSF has poured at least $650,000 into JVP’s coffers since 2017.

Protesters block DNC doors

On November 15, 2023, a demonstration against the war between Israel and Hamas took place at the Capitol in Washington, with demonstrators blocking the entrance to the Democratic National Committee headquarters. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

According to the ADL, IfNotNow’s Detroit chapter distributed flyers with images of paragliders, an apparent reference to Hamas terrorists who invaded Israel as part of an air campaign to wipe out Jews. IfNotNow is one of main organizer The ADL noted the U.S.-based campaign against Israel since October 7. IfNotNow reportedly received $400,000 from Soros’ OSF.

Founded in California, JVP supported Hamas’ animated Great March of Return in 2018. This is a precursor to October 7, a series of attempts by Palestinians in Gaza to breach the security border wall and invade Israel.

According to critics such as Joshua Muravchik, OSF has given prominence to Jewish NGOs whose mission is to exploit Jewish identity to turn Israel bashing (and support for terrorism) into politically and socially correct campaigns. They say they are providing funds to eliminate it.

Writing in the Jewish magazine Commentary, he said, “Using one’s identity as a ‘Jew’ in attacking Israel is the JVP’s métier, and it may be said that it is its purpose.The episode of SJP’s tweet. The cutting edge of this effort is to deflect blame from Jews, as demonstrated by antisemitism. ”

Demonstrators participating in protests

Demonstrators participate in the “Gaza Emergency Rally” in front of the Israeli Consulate General in New York City on October 9, 2023. (Jennifer Mitchell, FOX News Digital)


Soros’ son Alex recently took over the reins of his father’s $25 billion fortune. In June, Israel’s Minister of Diaspora Affairs and Social Equality, Amichai Tsikri, told Fox News Digital: “The son is a carbon copy of his father. I don’t expect him to become a big Zionist.”

Fox News Digital has reached out to JVP, The Tides Center and IfNotNow for comment. They didn’t react immediately.



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