It ‘Should Be Forbidden’ or ‘Against Any Norms’ to Use Debt Limit for ‘Extreme’ Policies

In an interview that aired on Friday’s PBS Newshour, Joe Biden’s senior adviser to the president, Jean Spurling, said she would “think about what policies could be done in the future” to keep the public from taking advantage of the debt hike. is very important,” he said. He argued that the use of the debt ceiling as a lever for “extreme measures” “should be prohibited or so severely discouraged that no one can enforce it, contrary to any norm.”

“I think it’s very important to think about what policies can be done going forward to prevent this from happening,” Sperling said. Any attempt to rob people by taking advantage of their basic responsibility to the people should be strictly prevented. [for] extreme measures. I don’t think the Republican Party should have taken this stance. At the end of the day, I think the President’s leadership has allowed us to come to an agreement, if not perfect, that is close to the kind of bipartisan agreement that a split government budget would have. “

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